I do {{A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic.}}

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Harry and Louis has been in love since the first time they saw each other and said their love to each other to a party. They began to act like a couple in the public but then the Directioners AND The mangement found out so they found the pretty Eleanor Calder to Louis so they could stop all the talk about ''Larry Stylinson'' was real.
Selena G, Miley C & Demi L were the only one who knew the love between the boys.
In the same time Zayn just got out of his relationship with Perrie from ''Little mix.''
And is Liam falling in love in the beautiful party girl Miley Cyrus? Or is it Niall who is the lucky one? And will the pretty Ariana Grande ruing everything?
There will be drama, weddings, tears, hospitals, funerals.. And a baby.


5. 5

Still at the party


''Uhm.. What?'' Whispered Harry and looked down.

''You heard me..'' Answered Louis and looked around in the room.

''Hey boys! Dinner is ready!'' Yelled Selena to them from the kitchen.

''I.. I.. I'm going home..'' Cried Harry and walked out.

''Fuck..'' Whispered Louis to him self and walked out to the kitchen.

''Hey, where is Harry?'' Asked Demi and looked at Louis.

''He was feeling sick..'' Lied Louis and fake smiled.

''Oh. Okay.'' Smiled Taylor and they all began to eat.


At 3am


''I am sooooo fucking druuunk!'' laughed Miley while she was dancing with Zayn.

''Meeee toooo!'' Laughed Zayn back.

''Oooomggg, hahahaaaaa'' Laughed Miley.

''You knoow what??'' Asked Zayn and looked at Miley and pulled her closer into him.

''Nooo?'' Answered Miley and blushed.

''We should really kissssssssss..'' Smiled Zayn.

''Okay!'' Yelled Miley and kissed ham.

Zayn blushed under the kiss.

''Hey! Are they kissing!!'' Yelled Liam to Niall while they were looking at Miley and Zayn.

''Yeah! They are really cute.'' Smiled Niall.

''Maybe..'' sighed Liam. 

''Something wrong?'' Asked Niall.

''Noo! Wanna dance?'' Answered Liam. Niall nodded.

''Okay! Come with me!'' Smiled Liam and grabbed around Niall's waist and walked out to the dance floor.

''Omg, they are so cuuteee!'' Yelled Selena to Louis.

''Yes, kinda. But they are not gaaaay!'' Laughed Louis.

''Lol! Omg, there is Justin.'' Smiled Selena and pointed over to him.

''Yes!'' Smiled Louis.

''Why is he talking to Danielle?'' Laughed Selena.

''They are dating! Boyfriend, girlfriend.. Something like that!'' Smiled Louis.

Selena's smiled faded and tears came.

''No, no, don't cry!'' Said Louis and hugged her.

''I thought he liked me!'' Cried Selena.

''I know babe, I know.'' Answered Louis and hugged her tightly.


At Harry's the same time.


''Should I go there Cher?'' Asked Harry, Cher on the phone.

''I don't know..'' Answered Cher.

''I hate my life.'' Sighed Harry.

''Harold! Don't say that!'' Chuckled Cher.

''Okay okay. Hey!'' Answered Harry.

''Hey what?'' Said Cher.

''The tour! It's fucking next week!'' Said Harry.

''Omg, I forgot that..'' Answered Cher.

''I don't want to go on tour.'' Said Harry while tears was streaming down his face.

''Oh baby. It's gonna be okay.'' Answered Cher.

''I know.. I'm going to Taylor's. Talk to you later!'' Said Harry.  

''Okay love.'' Answered Cher and turned off her phone. 

''I hope Louis gets his ass together.'' Said she to her self and walked out to her kitchen.


At Taylor's again


Harry walked inside to the house. There was loud music playing, drink, drugs and people over all. 

''Hey!'' Walked Eleanor over to Harry.

''Uhm, hey Eleanor.'' 

''Your boy toy is trying to calm Selena down in there!'' Yelled she and walked away.

Harry looked around and saw Louis and Selena. ''Should I?'' Thought Harry in him self.

''Hey! I'm Perrie!'' Came a girl with blond hair over to Harry.

''Uhm, hey. You must be Zayn's ex girlfriend?'' Smiled Harry.

''Yes. Is that a problem?'' Smiled she back.

''Not at all love. Wanna dance?'' 

''Thought you would never ask me.'' Smiled she. Then they walked out to the dance floor.

''SOO.. Then.. Ju.. Justin.. Omg, I can't even!'' Cried Selena.

''It's okay love.'' Smiled Louis while he was holding Selena tightly into him.

''Hey Louis. Harry is hereeee!'' Smiled Taylor and set down on the seat beside Louis.

''Omg, where?'' Asked Louis and looked around in the room.

''There! He is dancing with Perrie.'' Pointed Taylor.

''Omg.. Why?'' Asked Louis while 2 tears were falling down his check.

''Maybe is he moving on?'' Answered Taylor.

''But.. Me and him..'' Cried Louis.

''Not to be mean now. But you are getting married. With ELEANOR!'' Yelled Taylor and walked away.

''I guess I am..'' Whispered while he was looking at Selena.

''I'm tired Louis..'' Said she.

''Hm.. You can sleep at Harry's house.'' Said Louis and took Selena up in his arms.

''Noo..'' Whispered Selena and fell asleep.


At the morning.


''Uhm.. What are you doing in my bed?'' Came Harry in the room.

''Louis said I could sleep here because I was so tired and..'' 

''It's okay Selena. I'm just going down on the couch and sleeping.'' Smiled Harry and walked out at the room.

''Harry!'' Yelled someone from the kitchen. 

''It's me!'' Came Harry in the kitchen with a smile.

''It's Em. From the management.'' Said a short woman with brown hair, blue eyes and a nerdy style.

''Omg, its been years!'' Forced Harry a smile.

''No.. It was last week.. Anyways!'' Smiled she.

''What do you want?'' Asked Harry.

''You and Louis.. No hugging, talking or other things in the public and on the scene on your tour any more. You can't sit together, talk together.'' Said Em.

''But! What the hell?!? He is fucking getting married!'' Yelled Harry angry.

''And what so ever Harry. And by the way. You and Perrie is the new couple. We saw you last night dancing.'' Said Em with a evil smile.

''Hell no!'' Yelled Harry.

''Hey! Calm down!'' Came Selena down in the kitchen.

''Selena Gomez! What are you doing here?'' Asked Em with a fake smile.

''I was sleeping here.. With Louis.'' Smiled Selena.

''Why here?'' Asked Em.

''Because Louis said Harry was out the whole night so me and him could sleep here together.'' Smiled Selena.

Em said nothing.

''Can you go now?'' Asked Selena and looked at Em.

''Yes. And Harry? Don't forget our deal.'' Smiled Em and walked out.

''Okay..'' Said Harry and looked down. The door said 'Slam' and Em was out.

''WHAT THE FUCK SELLY?'' Yelled Harry angry.

''What?'' Asked she and played with her hair.

''You and Louis slept together!?!'' Yelled he.

''No! What are you thinking about me Harry!'' Smiled she.

''But?'' Asked he.

''I said it so she would shut up..'' Smiled Selena nervous.

''Omg! You bitch!'' Smiled Harry.

''Sorry!! Haha. I'm going home now. See you later?'' Smiled she.

''Yes.'' Answered Harry.

''Okay.'' Said Selena and walked away.


Harry walked up to his room while he was reading a long text from Taylor about their memories and stuff. After that he saw a text from Louis.. 

''I love you. Before we know it is Eleanor out of our life and we are together. xx Louis''

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