I do {{A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic.}}

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Harry and Louis has been in love since the first time they saw each other and said their love to each other to a party. They began to act like a couple in the public but then the Directioners AND The mangement found out so they found the pretty Eleanor Calder to Louis so they could stop all the talk about ''Larry Stylinson'' was real.
Selena G, Miley C & Demi L were the only one who knew the love between the boys.
In the same time Zayn just got out of his relationship with Perrie from ''Little mix.''
And is Liam falling in love in the beautiful party girl Miley Cyrus? Or is it Niall who is the lucky one? And will the pretty Ariana Grande ruing everything?
There will be drama, weddings, tears, hospitals, funerals.. And a baby.


17. 17

Ariana woke up in Niall's bed. They were both naked.

''Niall..'' whispered Ariana in Niall's ear.

''Mmh..'' Mumbled he back.

''That night was the best night of my life.'' Whispered she and pulled herself closer to Niall.

''Could't be more agree.'' Whispered Niall back and kissed her forehead.


At Liam's room same time.


''Liam?'' Whispered Miley while she was laying close to Liam.

''Yes?'' Whispered Liam back and pulled her more closer to him.

''What are we gonna do now? You are together with Ariana and-''

''Just.. I'm gonna end it. You?'' Smiled and whispered he with his sexy morning voice.

''I don't know. But I'm gonna eat some breakfast down in the hotels eating room, thing.'' Smiled Miley and pulled herself out from the bed and landed on the floor.

''Why are you always getting of bed on that way?'' Laughed Liam.

''Because.. So I get more awake.'' Laughed Miley and took Liam's shirt on, and her jeans.


At Niall's room now.


''I need to break up with Miley now.'' Mumbled Niall to Ariana.

''And I don't know what to do with Liam.'' Answered Ariana.

''I need to sleep over this thing.'' Smiled Niall.

''In that case... I'm gonna eat a Delicious breakfast!'' Giggled Ariana and got off the bed, took her red dress on, and some high heels.

''How the fuck can you have high heels on?'' Laughed Niall.

''Don't ask.'' Smiled Ariana and walked out from the hotel room.


At Harry's room same time.


''Why did I fucking do that.'' Mumbled Harry to himself.

''Bib, bib'' said his phone.

''Oh, who the fuck would that be.'' Said Harry and took the phone up. Cher!


Cher: Hey babe. Louis send me a text about something.. About you and him. You alright? xx

Harry looked on the text.

Harry: No.. I broke up with him :/ xx

Cher: Whyyyyy! You were so fucking cute Harreh!-_- Call me!

Harry: He want to fucking MARRY ME Cher! But he is getting married to my first girlfriend, who is still in love in me, and I'm in love with Louis, and he is.. Everything is complicated Cher!:( Can't call right now. I'm about to eat breakfast. Oh, and you know Ariana? Yeah. She came to the hotel at fucking night to visit Liam.. And Miley was.. Or is? Here to. I need you! What is gonna be fucking next? Perrie is joining us because of Zayn? Ugh. And Eleanor.. Ugh -.- xx

Cher: Long text babe. Haha. Okay, I think I can come and join you guys when you are on New Zealand.. Is that okay? Oh, and I just talked to Justin. Demi is having a great time again, Selena is back on her tour so.. Xx

Harry: That would be great. And sounds good that thing with Demi. Gotta go now. Love you xx

Cher: Bye xx


Harry took some pants on and a shirt, then walked down to the eating room on the hotel.


With Louis at the same time.


''Zayn.. I really hate all this.'' Said Louis to Zayn while they walked down on the streets.

Zayn nodded.

''Me to. It's so weird you two are not together more.'' Said Zayn.

''We are!''

''You said he broke up with you.''

''I know Zayn, but... He just need some time.'' 

''Okay..'' Said Zayn finally.


''Hey girls.'' Smiled Zayn.

''A picture please!?!'' Yelled they.

They were about to take a picture, but right in the same time a girl asked Louis something.

''What happen to your arm?'' Asked she and pointed.

''Uh.. I.. I don't really know. Haha.'' Laughed Louis. Zayn smiled just with him.

''Sure?'' Asked she.

''Yeah. Must be Harry or something.'' Smiled Louis. The girls giggled and they took the picture.


The same time at the hotel ''eating room''.


Ariana set down at the same table at Miley.

''Hey Ariana.'' Smiled Miley.

''Hey cousin!'' Smiled Ariana.

''When did you come?'' Asked Miley.

''Uh. Yesterday night.'' Answered Ariana and thought about Niall.

''Okay. Ariana, I really need to say something to you, it's about me and-''

''HEEEEY GIRLS!'' Came Harry and ruined the moment.

''Hey Harry. Please, shh. Miley is trying to-''

''Sorry Ariana. And sorry I pointed at Niall's room yesterday night. Liam's was on the other side.'' Smiled Harry.

''Did you sleep with Niall!?!'' Yelled Miley.

''N.. Ye... No.... Yeees, I did!'' Yelled Ariana back.

''Fuck you!'' Yelled Miley and was about to walk away.

''Wait.. But Miley, if Ariana slept with Niall that night.. Where was you at that time?'' Asked Harry.

''Uh.. Uh...'' 

''YOU SLEPT WITH LIAM! YOU BITCH!'' Yelled Ariana and was about to run crying away.

''take a chill pill girls. You slept with each others boyfriends. Then why-''

''Hello girls and Harry.'' Came Niall and Liam.

''Why did you sleep with Miley, Liam? And Niall, why did you sleep with Ariana?'' Asked Harry and smiled.

''Uh..'' Said they both. Harry took an apple.

''I gotta go now. Gotta pack my clothes and stuff down so we are ready to Australia.'' Said Harry, took a bite of the apple and walked up on the room.


Harry's room.


Harry was finish with packing all his stuff. Then he looked over to Louis clothes.

Where did Louis even sleep that night? What ever..

Harry packed Louis stuff down and wrote a note and putted it on Louis' bag.

''Packed all your stuff love. Don't think I don't love you more. All is just complicated. Harry xox'' 


Later that day.


''Hey Miley.'' Came Louis in to the hotels lobby. Miley set down with her iPhone.

''Hey Louis. And Zayn.'' Smiled she while she still set down with the iPhone.

''Where is the other?'' Asked Louis and set finally down beside Miley.

''Harry and Ariana is in the airport. Liam is out to buy some food to me and him.'' Answered she and now looked at Louis.

''In the airport? It's over 5 hours to we shall go on a plain.'' Sighed Louis.

''I guess it is.'' Smiled Miley.

''Guys, I'm gonna pack my stuff and then take a nap. Wake me up about.. 4 hours.'' Smiled Zayn and walked away.

''Byyyeee!'' Yelled Miley.

''You really like him. I know you do.'' Giggled Louis.

''Noo! Just a little bit.'' Giggled Miley.

''Little bit..'' Whispered Louis and giggled.

''You like Harry then.'' Said Miley.

''No. I love him.'' Smiled Louis and was about to walk away.

''Hey. Why are you leaving me?'' Asked Miley with a sad dog face.

''Packing my stuff.'' Smiled he and walked away.


At the hotel room.


Louis walked into the room. All Harry's stuff was gone. Louis sighed and walked closer into the room. 

''Where the fuck is all my-'' Said Louis, and in the same second he saw his bag on the bed with a note.

''Packed all your stuff love. Don't think I don't love you more. All is just complicated. Harry xox''

Tears streamed down Louis face. He looked around in the room for a piece of glass, or something sharp. He saw a broken glass under the bed.. Where did that broken glass came from?




''Boo Bear, give me my glass.'' Whispered Harry and pointed at the.

''Do it by your self.'' Smiled Louis and poked to him.

''Noo.'' Smiled Harry.

''Fine, fine.'' Said Louis then and was about to get the glass from the bed.

''Fine, I get it.'' Laughed Harry and threw his pillow at the glass and pieces of the glass with water was over all.

''Harold Edward Styles. What was that about?'' Laughed Louis and pulled himself into Harry.

''Wait here.'' Smiled Harry and got off bed, took a piece of the glass and walked back to the bed.

''What do you want with the glass?'' Asked Louis and looked at the.

''When I was 14 I was cutting in my wrist.'' Answered Harry.

''Harry, I-''

''Have you ever been a cutter?'' Asked Harry.

''No Harry! I could never-''

''You could never do that. Good. Promise me you will never do that.'' Said Harry.

''I promise.'' Smiled Louis and kissed Harry.



Back from the flashback


Louis cried even more now. He looked at the scars from the night.

''Sorry Harry..'' Whispered Louis, took his bag and walked out from the hotel room.

He was about to set down on the floor outside the hotel room. But in the same second a boy's voice said something to him.

''I'm sorry Louis. Be mine again.'' Said the voice. Louis looked up.

''Harry!'' Yelled Louis happy and jumped into Harry's arms.

''I'm so, so, so sorry.'' Cried Harry.

''It's okay. I'm sorry to.'' Cried Louis and crashed their lips together.


At Demi's the same time.


''Justin?'' Asked Demi and looked at Justin who set down on the floor with his mobile.

''Yes Demi?'' Answered he and looked at her.

''The Doctor said something about.. I could forget people.'' Sighed Demi.

''Yes?'' Said Justin and got off the floor and walked over to her.

''I think I forgot one.. Who is that girl?'' Asked Demi and pointed at a photo of her and Selena.

''That's Selena..'' Answered Justin nervous.

''Who is Selena?''




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