I do {{A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic.}}

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Harry and Louis has been in love since the first time they saw each other and said their love to each other to a party. They began to act like a couple in the public but then the Directioners AND The mangement found out so they found the pretty Eleanor Calder to Louis so they could stop all the talk about ''Larry Stylinson'' was real.
Selena G, Miley C & Demi L were the only one who knew the love between the boys.
In the same time Zayn just got out of his relationship with Perrie from ''Little mix.''
And is Liam falling in love in the beautiful party girl Miley Cyrus? Or is it Niall who is the lucky one? And will the pretty Ariana Grande ruing everything?
There will be drama, weddings, tears, hospitals, funerals.. And a baby.


16. 16

''Uh. Say that again Louis..'' Said Harry and blushed.

''Marry me. We can just run away together and-'' 

''Stop Louis. You are getting married to Eleanor, and if.. If.. Yes! Then.. Yes, I.. I'm breaking up with you.'' Said Harry and pulled him self away from Louis and walked away.


At Niall's room same time


''Niall?'' Whispered Miley and tried to look at him.

''Mmh..'' Whispered Niall half asleep.

''Do you love me?'' Whispered Miley and still tried to look at him.

''Mmmh..'' Whispered Niall and fell asleep.

''Ugh, fuck you.'' Said Miley and pulled herself out from the bed.

''NO ONE MOVE-'' Came Liam in the room.

''Liam!'' Laughed Miley who pointed at Liam that just had a blanket around him. Not more.

''Oh my. I'm sorry!'' Said Liam and blushed.

''That's okay.'' Smiled Miley and took pants on. 

''You need.. A shirt..'' Mumbled Liam and tried to look away from her bra.

''Oh, yes.'' Said Miley and took her shirt on.

''Wanna see a movie.. Or something..'' Mumbled Liam.

''Uh okay.'' Smiled Miley and walked towards Liam's room. While they was holding hands.



Ariana walked around in the hotel. She needed to find her boyfriends room. 

''Fuck, fuck fuck..'' Could Arianna hear a voice say. Should she hide herself or?

No, she just walked faster away from the voice, but the voice came closer and closer.

''FUCK!'' Yelled the voice at the same second he walked into Ariana.

''Fuck!'' Yelled Ariana who was on the floor now.

''I'm sorry!'' Yelled the boy and helped Ariana up again.

''It's okay.. Harry?'' Smiled she.

''Uh, shit. Hey Ariana.'' Smiled Harry.

''Hey. Do you know where Liam have his room?'' Asked she.

Harry just pointed at Niall's room because he thought Liam slept there.

''Thanks.'' Smiled she and walked in to the room.

''Liam?'' Asked Ariana and walked over to the bed.

''Mmmh.. Ari... Arianaaaaaaaaaaaa...'' Mumbled Niall.

''Hey! You are not Liam?'' Said Ariana choked and pulled the blanket off Niall.

''Hey!'' Yelled Niall and laughed.

''Niall!'' Laughed Ariana.

''Ariana!'' Laughed Niall and pulled her down to him.

''Where is Liam?'' Asked Ariana.

''Where is Miley?'' Answered Niall.

They both laughed.

''Maybe we just should sleep in here.'' Smiled Ariana and pulled herself close to Niall.

''Yes..'' Mumbled Niall and kissed her.

In the same second Liam and Miley kissed each other in the other room..


At Louis the same time


Louis looked around in the room. 

''I can't deal with this anymore.'' Said he to himself. He looked around in the room for a glass.

He found it on a taple. He took it up and smashed it on the floor.

Took a piece of it..

''Just take the pain away..'' Whispered he to himself while the piece of glass touched his skin and blood streamed down his arm.

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