I do {{A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic.}}

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Harry and Louis has been in love since the first time they saw each other and said their love to each other to a party. They began to act like a couple in the public but then the Directioners AND The mangement found out so they found the pretty Eleanor Calder to Louis so they could stop all the talk about ''Larry Stylinson'' was real.
Selena G, Miley C & Demi L were the only one who knew the love between the boys.
In the same time Zayn just got out of his relationship with Perrie from ''Little mix.''
And is Liam falling in love in the beautiful party girl Miley Cyrus? Or is it Niall who is the lucky one? And will the pretty Ariana Grande ruing everything?
There will be drama, weddings, tears, hospitals, funerals.. And a baby.


13. 13

''.. Harry..?'' Said Selena and looked at Harry with tears in the eyes.

''YOU TWO! OUT!'' Came many nurses in in the room.

''What the fuck!'' Cried Selena and walked out with Harry.

''This is my fucking fault!'' Cried Selena and broke down on the floor.

''Baby.. You stopped your tour for her. Don't fucking say that.'' Said Harry and hugged Selena.

''I just love her so fucking much.'' Said Selena with a cracking voice.

''Every thing is gonna be alright.'' Said Harry and hugged her tightly.

2 Nurses came out.

''Hey. Demi is alive again.'' Smiled they.

''Oh my.. Thank you!'' Said Selena and got up from the floor and hugged them both, then walked in.

''Thank you.'' Smiled Harry and was on his way out from the hospital. He got a message


From: Boobear ;)

''You ass! Where are u?;( Oh, to visit Dem. I  forgot,, Lol. Come to me! soon! xx''


Harry smiled and walked out to the cars.

''Mr.Styles?'' Came a man over to Harry.

''Yes?'' Smiled Harry.

''A .. Mr.Tomlinson? Asked me to pick you up here and drive you to the airport.'' Smiled the man.

''Oh. Niice!'' Smiled Harry and walked with the man over to a limo.


In China that night.


Harry walked in to his hotel room. Louis lied in his bed.

Harry took all his clothes off and lied in the bed.

Slowly he fall asleep.


That Morning.


''Mmh... Mmmh... Harry.. Soooo fucking.. Stop it Harry.. Oh..'' Said Louis in the bed.

Harry woke up and looked at him.

''What do you mean?'' Asked he.

''OOOOH HARRY!'' Said Louis a little bit louder.

''Oh my.. He is sleeping.'' Said Harry and had a '':-o'' face.

''I'm gonna..'' Said Louis.

''LOUIS!'' Yelled Harry and pushed Louis out of the bed.

''Hazza! What are you doing?'' Asked Louis and blushed.

''Oh, sorry.'' Said Harry and walked out in the bathroom, toke a shower and putted some clothes on.

Louis lied in the bed the whole time.

''Bib. Bib..'' Said it from Harry's phone. Louis saw the message.


From: Eleanor'babe.

''Hey, miss you. How it's going with Louis? Just kidding, I don't give a shit bout' him right now.. But text me. Love love love form El.''


''Hazza!'' Yelled Louis and walked out to Harry in the bathroom.

''What's up?'' Smiled Harry and washed his face.

''Uh.. Eleanor-'' 

''Don't talk about her right now. Okay?'' Said Harry and pushed Louis out of his way.

''Calm down!'' Said Louis and followed Harry.

''Sorry. It's just.. You two are.. Yes..'' Said Harry.

''Getting married. I know. But, we gonna fix it Harry, I-''

''Shut up! No not this time! It's not like that time you should go out with Eleanor on MY birthday instead of being with me. Or some shit like that. I hate all this piece of shit!'' Yelled Harry and cried.

Louis was about to hug Harry but someone knocked on the door.

''I'm coming..'' Said Louis and was about to open the door, but the person came in by her self.

''Hellooooooooo!'' Said Miley and smiled.

Louis didn't like Miley. He thought of her like a bitch, hore, slut.. Mean stuff.



Flashback (Louis)


''So, boys.'' Said Simon and looked at them all.

''So what?'' Asked Niall and ate his last burger.

''Miley Cyrus wanna do a song with you all.'' Smiled Simon.

''Nice!'' Said Louis. Louis always liked Miley. He thought she was hot, nice, sweet.. And person who was like an angel. But of course would Harry always be the one he liked for real.

''Yes. You gonna start now. She is in there.'' Said Louis and pointed at the recording room.

All the walked in to the room and saw Miley in the chair.

''Hey Miley, I am Niall, this is Harry, and-'' Started Niall.

''Hey hey. I know you all.'' Said she and smiled.

''Uh, cool.'' Mumbled Harry and looked down.

''Hey! Harry. Why so sad?'' Asked Miley and tried to look him in the eyes.

''I'm not sad.'' Said Harry and blushed while looking her in the eyes.

''I think we gonna be great friends.'' Smiled she to him and pulled him close to her.

Harry looked over to Louis. He didn't seem happy, at all!

''Let's start.'' Said Miley then and showed the boys the song.

''I'm gonna take some water first.'' Said Louis and walked out.

''Uhm, okay.'' Smiled Miley and they all began so sing.


After (still in the flashback)


''So.. Wanna do something?'' Asked Miley, Harry. Harry blushed.

''Uh, yeah.'' Smiled he and took her hand. Now blushed Miley.

''We are kinda blushing really much.'' Laughed Miley.

''Yeah..'' Laughed Harry and they both walked out.

After a month they began to date. They were a couple in 2 months, then they broke up.

But they were still close friends. To close if you asked Louis.


Flashback ended.


''Mileeey!'' Yelled Harry from the bed. Miley climbed up in Harry's arms.

''Hazzaaa!'' Smiled Miley.

''What are you doing here?'' Asked he and looked Miley in the eyes.

''Missed Niall. But I couldn't find him, so I asked Liam where Niall was, and he is out and eating with Zayn so.. I thought I would visit you!'' Smiled she.

''We are kinda-'' Started Louis.

''Stop Louis. It's okay Miley is here.'' Said Harry.

''Oh.. I can go.'' Said Miley and was on her way out from Harry's arm.

''No, it's okay.'' Smiled Harry and pulled her down again.

Louis rolled with his eyes and walked out.

''Watch out!'' Yelled a woman/girl. Louis looked at her.





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