Shut Up And Kiss Me Cause I'm Torn

Ok, so I've decided to write a fan fiction about my love for both Reece Mastin and One Direction. They are both AMAZING... so these two are going to clash into a story. In the mood for a bit of romance and intense twists? This fan fic is for you!


1. The Beginning

Reece and I have known each other for ages. Ever since I was a little girl, he had been looking out for me like an older brother. When he first moved to Adelaide, he moved straight in the house next to me.

"Hi!" I said to Reece when my my mother dragged me over to say hello, "I'm Chelsea, are you Reece?"

He was a little shy at first, "Yeah... nice to meet you Chelsea."

I smiled, "So, your from England?" 

"Scunthorpe, England," he nodded.

"Ah, your accent is cute!" I cried, swooning over the way he spoke.

His smile brightened, "Thank you!"

Heheh.. and that's pretty much how we became friends. Our families meet up pretty much a couple of days every week but we still go to the same school. We always have something to talk about, but one wee he had told me,

"I'm going on X-Factor..." He said as he held up a t-shirt, "What do ya think?"

I stood there, "Are you even 

Reece shrugged, "Yeah, sorta. I was wondering if I should audition with Come Get Some, It seems as though it's the best choice."

I was speechless, "You DO know it's a TV show?"

"Yeah.. why'd you ask?" 

I shook my head and shrugged, "Well, I just think your not taking this seriously. Auditions are in a week or so..."

Reece placed another t-shirt down on the bed, "Sure... I want a day of school, Chels... but it's not like I've got no talent or anything! I'm a great singer! I want to be noticed!"

I sat down on his bed, "Whoa! I never said you weren't! I just don't want to see you come back home after the audition and say that the judges thought you were "unprepared" or "too young"," I sighed.

Reece gave me a smile, "Chels... I love you, you're like a fourth sister to me... but..." he paused dramatically, "I think I'm ready."

I hugged him, "Ok, I'll be beside you every second."

My heart melted, Reece is totally adorable, but Reece knew me too well to become my boyfriend. Everyone tells him to make a move but Reece knows it will totally freak me out.

Liv then burst into the room, "Oh! Love birds, hey?"

Reece then got up and pushed his older sister out of the room, "Get out, Olivia! How many times do I have to tell you? Stay out of my room and Chelsea and I are JUST FRIENDS!"

"Ooh!" Phillipa cooed from her room, "Reece and Chelsea sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-"

Reece shut the door and I cracked into laughter, "Your sister are hilarious and oh-so cute!"

Reece scratched his head, "Yeah... well... that's what's sisters are, I suppose..."

"Aw! So... I'm also hilarious and cute?" I said as a smile crept across my face.

"I said your LIKE a fourth sister to me! I never said you were! Actually, your the complete opposite!" Reece grinned.

I slapped him playfully, "That's so mean!"

Reece poked his tounge out, "That's what brothers are for, aren't they?"

I rolled my eyes, "Now your just unpredictable!"

He bit his lip, his eyes glittering, "In an irresistible way?" 

I nodded, "In an irresistible way..."


So, let's fast forward a bit, shall we? Yep so Reece auditioned, got through, moved on to Bootcamp, got through again, got to the live shows and ended up WINNING! I was never as excited in my whole life! After the last show, I sneaked past paparazzi and met up with Reece. 

I wrapped my arms around him, absolutely speechless, "You... you..." I stammered.

Surprisingly, Reece was the first one to speak, "I... I won! Chels!" 

He leapt from my arms and screamed, causing crew to stare.

"Reece! Reece John Phillip Mastin!" Deb screeched as she tore through the crowd of cast, crew and paparazzi.

She ran up to Reece and wrapped her arms around him. Darren, Liv, Georgina and Phillipa soon followed. Tears of happiness streamed down Deb's face as well as mine.

"You little rock legend!" Darren cried.

I laughed and Phillipa made her way over to me.

"Can you believe this is happening?" she whispered as I patted her head.

We both watched Reece get swarmed by fans and paparazzi, "One minute my big brothers a rock singer, the next he's a national rockSTAR!" Phillipa cried.

I giggled,  Phillipa is so cute!

Reece walked over to me after all the family lovey-dovey stuff was finished. Phillipa then slipped away.

"I... just want to say... thank you, for everything," he said, "None of this would of happened if it wasn't for you."

I nodded, "Thanks Reece, but I didn't do much... All I did was vote..."

He shook his head, "No, Chelsea... you did way more then that. You believed in me, beginning to end."

I pulled him close and smiled, "Thats what sisters are for."
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