Two sisters , samantha and laura move to wolverstone to their aunt. Before long the story about the church and the statue become true leaving laura fighting for her life.


15. The party

6:30 pm. Only 30 minutes to go. Fully dressed as the ghost. At the moment I'm helping laura to dress as a cat.

Holding Laura's hand I'm heading towards the church. Again at the pit of my stomach I'm getting the niggleing feeling that someone's watching me. As I start to concerntrate on the party I realise that Laura is crying and trying to get my attention by tugging my black top.

"who is that man?" she cries out

I look up and see it's the evil looking man-ghost thing. He's holding Joshua, who is deathly pale and lifeless.

"Holy crap." I shouted

I picked up laura telling her to close her eyes and hug me. I ran fast as I could towards the church, but decided at the end of the road to see if he was there. He wasn't. There was a slight breeze. I turned around , realising that he was just centimetres away from my face. He smiled, fresh blood on his teeth. I screamed, running back towards the church.

Eventualy we ended up at the church suposeidly accident-free.

"Ha," I thought "we made it, we made it, we made it! Yes! Bring it on, monster." This last bit I was saying in the graveyard out loud, doing a little celebratory dance, Laura was laughing and joining in.

We entered the church it was silent. I could hear someone crying.

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