Two sisters , samantha and laura move to wolverstone to their aunt. Before long the story about the church and the statue become true leaving laura fighting for her life.


3. stories

we walked down to the end of the path and turned left into the graveyard. The sun was bright making the gravestones shine with the rain which had previously drenched the area and me.

"well samantha, about 50 years ago there was a murder, six boys. A man called nathanial was charged with the murders but was not proven guilty. Each time they saw the boys dead a song started; never heard it myself but i know people that have. Suspicously a week later nathanial died bite marks all over his body, bigger than a humans mouth. But you see, he whitnessed one murder as a child in the very spot we are standing,"

I looked down, thinking that laura really shouldn't be hearing this.

"Ever since then woolverstone hall has been cursed." joshua finshed shrugging.

"what does this have to do with nathaniel and the statue?" laura questioned, shaking and rubbing ted ,her toy, against her wet cheek.

joshua looked down," at first all the murders took place in the fountain, I mean their was one the previous day. Ever since the first person was  killed nathanial said "i'm next" then he was. His last night he was in jail. but there was a drawing on the wall of a line and a circle with what looked like a deer next to the line. The next day the bars of his jail cell was bent with scratch marks on the walls. It looked like someone forced their way into the cell. He was also found in the fountain" He finshed

Laura and I  looked at each other as if didn't believe it. Then just as I was about to say something there was a loud crash coming inside of the church. Joshua looked at us as if to say "follow me" and we followed him up the little path to the church. The church was big more like a little cathedral. The windows had pictures which was stained.


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