Two sisters , samantha and laura move to wolverstone to their aunt. Before long the story about the church and the statue become true leaving laura fighting for her life.


4. shattered

Inside the church the pews were covered in graffiti. The south side, windows were broken; glass all over the floor.

Suddenly as a cloud covered the sun, the church door slammed shut and was locked from the outside.Through the window I could see the same figure who was in the field earlier this morning. I gasped.

"I want mummy!" laura shouted.

I picked laura up and told her that we would be ok and obviously that someone was playing a nasty trick on us.

A horrible evil laugh ecohed throughout the church. The lights started flashing and swinging all over the place, then this was when things got bad, really bad. A man in a black cloak came towards us, not walking but high in the air. It's skin wasn't normal, rotten, mouldy. The main thing I noticed was that an overpowering smell.(the same from this morning when I saw the figure- a sort of mould but more extreem ; dense also.)

someone or something grabbed hold of my arm. I screamed. Looking round I saw that in fact it was joshua, we made a run for it. Soon as we got out of the church and the other side of the lychgate we stopped.

" you look really ill" josua said .

"I feel faint."

He took laura off of me. Laura cried on his shoulder. joshua was 13 the same age as me but a lot taller than I  was and guessed that I would ever be. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, quite good looking too. After this I blacked out.

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