Two sisters , samantha and laura move to wolverstone to their aunt. Before long the story about the church and the statue become true leaving laura fighting for her life.


21. priest

About a hour or so later the priest came, he asked the nurse to leave so we could talk. She went happily, turning the wireless off after her.

"Do you know when you are allowed to leave samantha?" he asked. He pulled his glasses down a tad as he spoke.

"Later on today, I believe." I replied as politely as I could.

"ok, I will help you to pack off your belongings. You and your sister, laura will be staying at your friend joshua's place. His mum, Dora will not let you two stay at the house seeing what had happened to you," He said "As for me, I live next door to Dora's, so tomorrow at 11.30 I will knock and you, joshua and myself will head up to the church to (again ) preform exorcism." He finished with a slight jump and a clap.

I meerly nodded as I felt not inclinded to say or do anything else. The priest called upon the nurse who had been prior to his coming been checking on me. she came in, gently taking the tubes out of my arms helped me get out of bed, telling me to hold on to the chair before giving me a walking stick. The nurse handed my other arm to the priest, who in turn gave it to Joshua. We headed out the hospital, slowly, of couse and headed up to the village of woolverstone.

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