Two sisters , samantha and laura move to wolverstone to their aunt. Before long the story about the church and the statue become true leaving laura fighting for her life.


9. awkwedness

I turned to joshua. This was when I found out that I really was in love with him.He put the letters back into the black box.

"we'll be needing this." He said, voice filling the church.

This was when I did it. I kissed him. My eyes closed, I could see me in a wedding dress getting married to him; laura the bridesmaid, his brother the bestman.

He pulled away.

"what was that for?" He said so loud it sounded that he was shouting.

"I thought that it was what you wanted." I lied feebly.

I walked down the ilse and tried to get out the door. Damn.

"It's  locked, bloody locked." I yelled.

I kicked and hammered the door. Joshua came over and moved my face with his hands, kissing me back.

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