Two sisters , samantha and laura move to wolverstone to their aunt. Before long the story about the church and the statue become true leaving laura fighting for her life.


17. ache

My eyes flickered open. It took me a few minutes to realise that I was in hospital. A doctor was at the end of my bed. Tubes were stuck to me and a frequent beeping noise made the doctor look up. I was in hospital, I was in a coma.

"Where am I?" I questioned.

"It's been six years, Samantha, six years." The doctor spoke softly.

"I want to see laura, joshua and aunt rosie!" I demanded, forcing the words out.

"Unfortantally Rosie died a year ago, in unusual circumstances. Next to the fountain. But Laura and Joshua, you can see."

This means Laura's 11 years old and I'm 19 years of age. Joshua his name made me relax. I wonder what he and my sister, Laura would be like. I hoped he did not have a gilfriend, remembering that I still loved him.

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