Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


13. The News

As we drive home the car seems unnaturally quiet. “We have something to tell you Sarah,” Harry says looking back at me. “Okay,” I say confused. “Well Paul called and informed me that the tour is to start sooner than expected, so we have two days to prepare before we have to leave,” Louis chimes in. “What!?” I ask alarmed. “I’m sorry, but we didn’t know this was going to happen, we were just as shocked as you are now.” “Niall? Are you well enough to go?” “Yeah, don’t worry sis. We won’t be gone too long, only a few months. “We bought you tickets to fly you back home to your mum and dad, so you won’t have to be alone while your arm and leg are healing,” Zayn informs me. “Liam?” I turning to my right to look into his eyes. “Babe, I’m sorry,” he says. “How long exactly?” “We don’t know yet, but we will stay in touch. All of us,” Niall says trying to help. “I know.”


I roll over and feel a body next me. I open my eyes and see Liam laying down, now looking at me. “Morning babe,” he smiles at me. “Morning,” I smile back. “What would you like for breakfast?” he asks. “Liam you don’t have to do that.” “I want to make you breakfast.” “I’d love some pancakes.” “Pancakes it is,” he says after kissing me on the cheek. I watch him leave, and shut my door. I look around my room for Liam’s pull over sweatshirt; once I find it I put it on over my tank top. “Liam!” I yell hoping he hears me. After a few moments I hear steps approaching the door. “Yes?” he asks poking his head through the door. “Um, can you help me change into my shorts?” “What do you need done?” He asks now walking in the door completely. “I need you to help take off these pajama pants, and put my shorts on.” He blushes a little, and says, “Are you sure you don’t want me to go get Niall. He is right downstairs.” “Yes. That would just be awkward.” His blush becomes more apparent, as he walks up to me. He grabs my hand to help me stand as best as I can. I grab onto his shoulders for support as he grabs the waistband of my pajamas. He sweetly looks away and starts to pull them down. “Hey sis, I …. Whoa! What the hell Liam !” Liam backs away and puts is hands in the air as if he is being held at gun point. “Nialler calm down, he is just helping me change.” Niall’s face relaxes a bit. “Well I still don’t want him to see you in your underwear. Why didn’t you just ask me?” “Think about it; it would be awkward.” “Yeah, but still less awkward then this Sarah.” “Very true,” Liam adds. “Well then make it less awkward and leave, so he can finish helping me.” “But….” “Niall, I am a big girl, I’ll be fine.” With that he leaves. “Now would you mind getting back over here before I fall over,” I say to Liam. He walks over and finish pulling them down. He still has his head turned, looking the other way. “Liam.” “Yes?” “We have been dating for two and a half months now; I think it’s okay for you to look.” “I just didn’t want to do anything you wouldn’t want me to.” I smile at his kindness. “You Liam, are amazing.” He helps me put on my shorts, this time not bothering to look away. “Thank you,” I say looking him in the eyes. “Anything for you,” he replies, gently kissing me on the nose. “Pancakes?” I ask. “I had Harry finish them for me. You ready to go eat?” “Definitely.” He picks me up bridle style, and he carries me downstairs.

He sets me down on a chair next to Niall, and brings me a plate of pancakes. Niall’s plate is stacked ten pancakes high. “It’s great to have you back,” I say and kiss Niall on the cheek. “It’s great to be back,” he manages to say in-between mouthfuls. Liam grabs a plate of his own, and joins us at the table taking a seat no the other side of me. “So what’s on the agenda for the day?” I ask hoping for something fun on our last day together. “It’s a surprise,” Louis informs me. “Yeah, we wanted to make our last day together a day to remember,” Chimes in Harry. “Can I have a hint?” I ask. “It’s my favorite place to go while we’re here,” Niall tells me. “I’m not old enough to go out for pints,” I joke with Niall sending everyone into a fit of laughter. He sends me a playful glare. Once we finish breakfast Zayn instructs me to get dressed, so Liam carries me to my room. Now that I am done Liam and I walk downstairs to a very empty living room. “Boys?” Liam asks. We walk through the hallway to Harry’s room. We both peak our heads in the room after knocking. No one. “Where could have gone?” “Maybe they’re in the car already Liam,” I suggest. We head to the front door. “Why couldn’t ….” “Rawr!” “Ahhhh!” I scream terrified, as Louis jumps out from behind a bush. “You nearly gave me a heart attack Lou. I guess that why they call you BOO Bear,” I say adding emphasis on the boo. “I guess so,” he says laughing. Liam takes me over to the van and we hop in. I’m sitting in-between Liam and Zayn. “I almost forgot; you need to put this on Sarah,” Zayn says while handing me a blindfold. “Do I have to?” “Yup.” “Fine,” I sigh giving in. I put it on and lay my head down on Liam’s shoulder. He slides his arm around my shoulders, and we stay like this until we hear Louis say, “Okay, we’re here, but don’t take you blindfold off yet.”

“Why?” I complain grabbing Zayn’s arm and shaking it. “We already told you why. It’s a surprise.” “Well you guys are really making me dislike surprises.” I say pouting. “Oh stop being such a poor sport,” Harry tells me.



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