Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


15. The Final Night

“Sis wake up. We’re home.” I open my eyes to see a smiling Niall staring down at me. I get out of the cat to be swept off my feet by Harry. “Harry what the hell?” “Well I said today had to be really awesome since it’s our last day.” “Point being?” I question as he takes me to the back door.” Wait... the back door. “Liam!!! Help !!! Harry don’t you dare throw me in ! Niall !!! Someone !?” “They aren’t going to help.” “Harry please?” “Well since you asked nicely...” I can’t hear the rest because Niall tackles Harry and I into the pool. “Night time pool party !” Louis shouts as he dives in. “Where’s Liam and Zayn?” I ask Niall. “Zayn is asleep on the couch and Liam should be coming.”

I swim around the pool trying to avoid the boys splashing as they all jump in together. I am still waiting for Liam when I am dragged under the water. I open my eyes to see Liam smiling at me. He pulls me in and kisses me. We emerge after a few seconds. I stare into his eyes with my arms wrapped around his neck. We stay like this for a moment, and I realize I much I do not want to leave these eyes. His soft lips. We have to go without each other for three months. I am falling head over heals for this boy and he has to leave, but I am happy for him. He is such an amazing singer, and my brother and him will have tons of fun with the other boys.

(Liam’s POV)

I can’t believe that I have to leave this girl. She has such incredible eyes. We had three months together and now we will have to do three apart. It shouldn’t be to hard. I just hope she doesn’t find someone at school. I don’t think she would leave me, but this whole thing just sucks. “Hello? Earth to Liam.” I hear someone say I look around, “Right here Li.” Niall says to me. “Oh sorry Niall, I was just caught up in thought. What’s up?” “I was just saying that me and the boys are heading inside if you two would like to join us. It us getting late after all.” I nod in response and he grabs his towel and heads inside, “You want to head in?” I ask Sarah. “It’s up to you LiLi, I am actually kind of cold now.” “Let’s go,” I say taking her hand in mine.

I come out of my room now done changing into my pajamas, and see that Zayn is still asleep on the couch. I tap his shoulder; his eyes open partly before he closes them again. “Zayn I am pretty sure your bed will be more comfortable.” “But my room is way down the hall.” “Alright then, good night. See you in the morning.” “Bright and early.”

(Sarah’s POV)

I open the door to excuse myself from my bedroom down the hall I see Harry sitting on the balcony to the next floor “Hey Harry.” I say with a smile. “Hey umm Liam’s downstairs if you want to say goodnight or whatever.” Harry informs me. “Cool, so what are you doing?” “Thinking.” “About the tour?” “Yeah...” He seems a bit strange. Maybe the tour is a bit daunting. “Good night Harry, and in case I don’t see you in the morning, have a wonderful tour. Good luck.” Harry says, “Have a goodnight. Tell Liam I say goodnight for me? I reach in and hug him after saying, “I will.” I turn around and walk downstairs to look for Liam. I got to the living room to see Zayn sleeping on the couch. The search continues as I look in the kitchen to dins Niall eating a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. “What’s up sis?” I’m looking for Liam; how is your sandwich?” “It’s good; he is in his room down the hall. He said he was up doing a twitcam waiting for you.” Why didn’t I go to his room first? “Okay cool. Goodnight Nialler. Have a fantastic tour; I wish I could go with you.” “I know, but it’s only three months until we come back. I wish I could take you, but management said no for now.” “I understand. With that I walk away to Liam’s room, and knock on the door. He didn’t answer so I walk in and see him getting changed. He only has on a pair of boxers. I broke out laughing, “Tonight has been truly amazing thank you.” I finally for to see him in his underwear like he did when he helped me get dressed. He started blushing and giggling along. He threw on his shorts and jumped on his bed. He then turned on a movie and invited me to sit beside him. We stayed cuddled up watching Pitch Perfect.


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