Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


4. Talking to Niall


Chapter 4


We pull into the driveway and he turns off the car. He gets out, and runs to my door to open it. “Your so cheesy in the perfect way,” I say. He smiles and says, “Thank you.” He opens the door for me and as soon as I walked in someone picked me up. “Put me down !” I yelled. He put me down, so I turned to see who it was. Niall. “Why the hell did you carry me to your room ?” I asked. “Because, I need to talk to you.” I roll my eyes at him and say, “Then why didn’t you just tell me.” He says back, “Why didn’t you tell me you went on a date with Liam?” “I didn’t know I needed to inform you, when I want to go eat with someone.” “Well Mum and Dad told me to watch after you. You know how dad gets. His whole “if anything happens to her” speech.” “Okay, I’ll tell you next time.” “Thanks,” He say while he walks away.

I walk upstairs to my bedroom ready to get in my pajamas. As I change I think about my date with Liam. I had a great time, he is so sweet. I change into a black tank top and my white pajama shorts that have the black snowflakes on them. Gosh, even though I just ate not that long ago, I’m starving. I guess that’s something I get from Niall. I decide to go to the kitchen and grab a snack. When I get in there I see Harry rummaging through the fridge. “Hey Harry, you looking for something to eat as well ?” I ask. “Well I was, but I think I found something.” He grins at me and winks. I just roll my eyes at him while my cheeks get hot. I start by looking in the cupboards. I find nothing there, so I playfully push Harry out of the way and search in the fridge. “I’m sorry ma’am, but if you don’t move, I will have to use force.” He says. I laugh at him and continue looking. He picks me up and places me on the living room couch. He walks back into the kitchen and reopens the fridge.

“Would you care for a carrot ?” Louis asks nearly scaring me to death. I can‘t believe I didn‘t see him on the other side of the couch .“No thank you,” I respond. “You do like carrots though right?” I smile at him and say, “I love them Louis.” He shoves a carrot in his mouth and says through bites, “Me too.” Louis cracks me up. Harry comes into the living room with a bowl of ice cream. Niall walks in and sits down next to me. I scoot closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder. He wraps me up in his arms, and I fall asleep.

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