Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


7. Interview

Chapter 7

When we get home the boys go get ready for their interview. I walk up to Niall’s room and knock on the door. “Who is it?” He asks. “It’s Sarah. Can I come in ?” I ask. “Sure.” He responds. “You didn’t tell me you had an interview.” “Yeah, I forgot that we even had one until Daddy Direction reminded me.” I giggle at Liam’s nickname and say, “Okay.” I turn around and walk to my room. I open the door to find Liam sitting on my bed. “Hey,” I say smiling. “Hi, can I talk to you for a second ?” He asks. “Sure,” I answer. “When are we going to tell the boys?” “Tell the boys what,” I turn around to see Harry standing in the doorway with a questioned look on his face. “Well I guess now works,” I say to Liam. “I asked Sarah out and she said yes, so now were dating,” Liam says. “I’m telling Niall !” Harry shouts playfully. “Hush, were going to tell him in a few minutes.” I say shushing him. “Fine,” Harry sighs and walks away smiling.

Liam grabs my hand and we walk downstairs hoping to catch all of the boys. We go to living room to see them sitting on the couches waiting for Liam. “Boys, I have an announcement to make,” Liam starts. “Yes?” the boys ask. “Well earlier at the mall I ask Sarah to be my girlfriend,” He continues. “Well, what did she say?” they all ask curious. “I said yes,” I say while hugging Liam. “Yay!” Harry shouts winking at us. I look to Niall to see his reaction, he looks happy. I feel so relieved. I didn’t know what Niall would think of this. “Now, I’m sorry to inform you, but we have to steal Liam for our interview now,” Lou says. “I understand,” I say giving Liam a quick kiss, and then hugging Niall tightly before they leave.

“Great,” I sigh. What am I going to do. I turn on the TV and see them arriving at their interview. “Duh,” I said laughing at myself. I leave it there eager to watch the boys answer some questions. The interviewer started by introducing them all and asked the first question, “So Niall, I heard your sister came to visit is that right?” I was surprised that they asked about me. “Yeah I don’t get much time to see her, so it’s nice having her with us,” He answers with a smile. “What do you boys think of her?” the lady asks. “She’s great, it’s a pleasure to have her,” Liam answers looking at all the boys as the nod in agreement. I start to blush. They talk for a few more minutes and then begin to answer fan questions.

I turn the TV off and go up to my bedroom to get clothes for my shower. I let the water warm up and hop in. Once I finish I walk downstairs and lay down on the couch. After a minute or so my eyes close and I drift off into a nap. I wake up to someone brushing my hair back from my face. I open my eyes to see Liam watching TV. He looks down to see I woke up. “Hey, I’m sorry did I wake you?” he asks politely. “It’s okay, I needed to get up anyway. When did you guys get home?” I ask. “About a half an hour ago.” “How did the interview go?” “It went well. Did you watch any of it?” He asks. “Yeah, the first few questions. By the way where are the boys?” “They went out for a bit.” “What time is it,” you ask. He looks down at his watch and says “It’s nine thirty.” “Okay,” I say resting my head on his shoulder. I close my eyes for a moment and fall asleep.

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