Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


8. A Day With Niall

Chapter 8

When I wake up again I am still on the couch with Liam, but my head was now on a pillow on his lap. He is still asleep, so you decide to get up and take a shower. When you get out you put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I walk to the living room, Liam is no longer on the couch. I look around and find that none of the boys are inside. I go out back to the pool to see the boys swimming. “Hey your out!” my brother shouts. “Yup,” I say as I walk to the pools edge. He swims over to the pools ledge, climbs out, and wraps me in a hug before I can pull away. I get covered in water. I push him playfully back into the pool, and search for Liam. I can’t find him. All of the sudden I feel his strong arms wrap around my waist and pick me up. He started towards the pool, so I started kicking around. “Liam, put me down !” I yell. “Okay,” he drops me into the pool. “It’s so cold,” I complain as Liam jumps in. He tries to wrap me in a hug, but I swiftly swim out of the way. He finally wraps his arms around me and goes for a kiss, but I turn my head. He misses and gets my cheek, making me blush. “Why’d you move babe?” He asks. “You threw me in this freezing pool,” I stick my tongue out at him. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me ?” He says giving me a puppy dog face. “Fine,” I say with a playful smile unable to refuse. I turn my head back towards him and kiss him. He smiles at me, taking my hands in his.

We stayed in the pool for about an hour before we decided to get out. I walk up to my bedroom to change. I decide to put on a pair of grey sweats and a blue Hollister shirt. *Knock* I open the door, but nobody is there. After closing the door I walk back to my bed to lay down. *Knock* “Ugh,” I sigh and open it to again find no one. I walk out to look around, suddenly hands cover my eyes. “Niall what do you want ?” I asked knowing it was him. “Well that didn’t work,” He says smiling. “Oh, I was wandering if you wanted to go grab some lunch just the two of us, catch up a bit more.” “Yeah, where to?” I ask. “Just this small sandwich shop, we shouldn’t run into anyone.” “Okay.”

We arrive at what us literally the hardest to find sandwich shop I’ve ever been to. We didn’t drive far, but it was in a very small shopping area. He walks around to my side of the car opening the door for me and taking my hand. “So sis?” He begins as we walk across the street to the door. “Yes?” I ask. “You really like Liam huh?” I started blushing, “Yeah.” I didn’t say anything more. “I can tell,” He says smiling. I blush slightly. He opens the door for me, my brother is such a gentleman. I walk in and walk up to the counter. I let Niall order first since he knows the menu. “I’ll take the four cheese roast beef melt with everything on it,” He tells the worker. “I’ll have the same,” I say, but I put on less toppings. Niall grabs our food and leads me to a booth near the back putting my sandwich on the table. We eat and just catch up. It’s nice to just talk like we used to.

“You ready to go sis?” He asks when I finish my sandwich. “Yep.’’ We get in the car and begin to head home. “Niall,

What’s it like to be on tour all the time?” I ask. He glances over and says, “Well it’s nice. I get to see the world, but it’s hard to be away from you guys so much.” “Where is your favorite place so far?” “Probably… home !” He says laughing. I giggle along with him. He looks over again quickly smiling. “Niall!” I yell as a car speeds around the corner and hits us. The impact was on Niall’s side, and it was hard enough to flip us. My door caved in when it hit the ground, and now I’m trapped. I try to move, but feel a massive pain in my leg. “Niall ?” I groan out in pain. He doesn’t answer I look over to his side, and he just sits motionless. He has blood streaming from his mouth, and has cuts from the glass on his window. “Niall!” I now scream hoping to get some sort of response out of him. I look down at his chest and see it slowly and untimely rise and fall. All I can think is thank god he is still alive. The driver gets out of their car and begins to run, not to us or to get help, but just away. I try to reach my phone, but the pain is to much. I pass out.

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