Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


14. A Day To Remember

Chapter 14

Liam helps me out of the car: someone is now taking off the blind fold. They take it all the way off, and now I am staring at an amusement park. "The best part is because of your wheelchair we will get to the front of every line," Niall says laughing. "Don't you guys think someone will notice you? I mean your the biggest boy band in the world, no big deal right?" I ask. "We probably will, but I just hope the fans don't swarm us. We have a lot of polite fans, but some of them just won't give us any privacy." Liam explains to me. "Oh okay." Niall gets behind me to push, and we're off. Once inside we head straight towards this huge green ride. I am starting to appreciate this wheelchair because the line is so long. When we approach the line a man in a security uniform escorts us to the front of the line.

"Did you enjoy the ride babe?" Liam asks. "Yes. I haven't been on a rollercoaster in a while so it was nice to ride one again." "I'm glad your having a good time sis," Niall tells me. "Thank you for taking me," I say, and the boys answer in unison, "Your welcome." The smell of hotdogs suddenly fills my nose as we pass a food stand. I am no longer rolling, so I turn around to find Niall in line. "Sounds like a good idea," Zayn says and the boys follow him to wait in line behind Niall. Well that was nice. I roll myself over to Niall, and bump into his leg. He looks down at me. “You guys were really just going to leave me there !?” I exclaim. “I’m sorry I didn’t know the boys were following me.” His attention is no longer on me, but the boys, “What the hell! You guys just left her there?” I look to see their reactions to his question, but realize Liam is missing.

I start rolling away from the boys. Found him. “LiLi, where are we going?” “I thought we should spend some time away before we have to leave,” He tells me. “Yay!” I shout smiling. He takes me to a food stand that has a nice area to sit down and eat. “What would you like to eat?” I take out my wallet. “Um, can you get me I cheeseburger with extra cheese, and a sprite?” I ask handing him ten dollars. “Of course,” he says walking off.

After eating we head to a log ride that is on water. “I can’t get my hair wet babe, it’s going to frizz.” As soon as I say that he takes off his hoodie and hands it to me. I grab it from him, and put it on. “Thank you.” He leans down and kisses me gently. “Your welcome. Now where would we?” he asks taking me to the front of the line.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” We hear shouting as soon as we get off the ride. We assume it is someone on the ride, and continue walking. “Oww!” Something hit my head and hard. “Get away from him you whore!” I turn to the right and see a bunch of girls holding apples. “Sarah are you okay!?” Liam asks panicking. “Yeah, but what the hell Liam !?" Liam walks over to them and I follow making sure I don't get too close to the girls.

"Liam !!!" They shout as he walks over. " Can we have a picture?" They ask him. "No you can not have a picture. What would compel a person to throw an apple at someone's head?" "she is a stupid whore, you and me are meant to be together Li." "Don't call me that, and I would never be with a person like you. I mean you threw an apple at a person in a wheelchair, what is wrong with you?" "Nothing, we just thought you deserve someone better than that trash." "Trash? Clearly your the only trash around here." He finishes walking back over to me, and taking away from them. "I can't believe they hit my girlfriend with an apple. There was no reason for them to harm you, and I am sorry that I let that happen." He responds. "It wasn't your fault Liam." "I know I didn't throw it, but some of the fans get out of control and I know they do. I just should have been more Careful." "Relax babe, I am fine. Nothing is seriously wrong with me. I just have a headache." I say trying to put his mind to rest. He is always so concerned and caring.

"Well after an eventful day at the amusement park I am rather fatigued." I say before yawning. "Me too," says Zayn as he hops in the car. “Let’s be on our way then.” Louis says as he starts the car. Him and Harry are upfront, and Zayn, Liam, and I are in the back. Niall is already sleeping; he is laying down in the very back row of seats. “Can we stop for food?” Harry asks. “Fine, but...” “Food?” Niall asks cutting off Lou. “Yes food, now go back to sleep.” I tell my brother. “As I was saying; fine, but we have to make it quick so we can be home in time to get to sleep early. We gave a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” Louis finishes. I had completely forgotten that they were leaving tomorrow, and that I had to go back to that dreadful place known as school.

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