Falling In Love

Niall's sister, Sarah, comes to visit on their break before the tour. While getting to know boys she falls for one of them. Not sure where it will lead, she just lives in the moment.


1. Visiting

Chapter 1

I gave my mom and dad a huge hug before I boarded the flight. I am so excited to see my brother, Niall . He has been all over touring with the boys, so I have hardly gotten to see him recently. I have never met the boys, but in the time he has known them, I have become a huge directioner. “Bye Mom. I love you,” I say. “Bye Darling be careful, and tell Niall we say hi and that we love him.” My dad said, “Tell him if anything happens to you…” I cut him off, “Yes Dad.” *Last call for Flight 123 to London* “Well that’s me,” I said my final goodbyes. I gave both of them one last hug and boarded the plane.


Finally, the plane touched down, and I could feel the anticipation building. As the everyone was stepping off the plane I searched eagerly for my big brother. “Sarah !” I could recognize his voice any day. “Niall !” I ran into his arms and gave him the biggest hug. Contrast to his blonde hair, mine is a medium brown. His eyes are blue, but mine have a mix of green in them. He asked me, “So, are you ready to meet the boys?” “Absolutely. I am so excited.” He smiled and started me towards the car.


When we arrived at the house, there was no one to be found. Niall told me they were in the pool, so he took this time to give me a tour. My room is pretty big with a nice bed. I sat down for a minute and changed into some more comfortable clothes. I put on my denim shorts with a plain white long sleeve. When I finished, I walked downstairs to find that the boys had come inside. Niall runs up to me and gives me a big hug. “Everyone this is my little sister, Sarah.” I just stare like an idiot when Niall says, “Well aren’t you going to say hello to them ?” I say, “Sorry, Hello everyone it is a pleasure to meet you.” Louis is the first one to walk up to me and say hello back. He gives me a hug and goes back in the kitchen to continue making his meal. Harry is next he also gives me a hug, but instead if going back in the kitchen he sits on the couch that is next to me. Then Zayn , and finally Liam. I look into his brown eyes and smile. I blush when he returns it. I hear Louis say from the kitchen, “Take it easy Liam, you may give the poor girl a heart attack.” This only made me blush more as we all giggle.

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