Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


6. Niall's P.O.V

I was amazed I could deny it. She was beutiful. She was Just diffrent. But Like Perfectly Diffrent.  I mean there was just something diffrent about her, just like the way she aughed, and talked , and  sat there. but I have always had this problem with falling in love too hard, and too fast.  I mean I dont think I was in love with her, but there was definatly someting there. But sadly she was Harry's. and I had to respect that  no atter how hard it was for me, I wouldnt let our friendship get ruined by a  girl, no matter how amazing she was. I Looked up to her and Harry walking back from the tables.. holding hands. "So Watcha cooking!" she  said. "Babe, i'm going over to talk to Lou," said Harry. "K" she replied focused on me. "Im just cooking some burgers" I said staring intensly into her big brown eyes. "Cool!" she replied. "So do you Live here ?" i asked. "Actually No.. but I Would Love Too! I'm actually thinking about it.. I'm staying here for the summer with my grandma. " she said kinda enthused. "Well i hope you do:)" "Haha.. Im Gonna go Over with Harry." she said sounding a little dissapoited. "Okay." I said not even trying to sound happy about it.

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