Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


50. Bella's P.O.V

We all crowded around the table. Zayn and Angelique sat together  same with Louis and Eleanor. Liam sat by Niall, and there was me, awkwardly sitting in between Niall and Harry. We were all talking and laughing, and it was really  nice bonding with everyone. I began to feel an hand sliding up and down my upper thigh, on instinct I swatted the hand away thinking it was horny Harry. "Ouch!" Niall yelled grabbing his hand. I turned looking at him stunned. Everyone stopped what they were doing staring at Niall and Me. We both awkwardly let out a little laugh returning to our food, they all lost interest going back to their conversations. Harry casually leaned in by my ear, "What was that?"  "What are you talking about?" I asked innocently."Nothing..nevermind." he said returning to his food. I smiled kissing his cheek. The rest of dinner was very awkward between me and Niall. After dinner I volunteered to do the dishes, Harry had to make a few phone calls and the other boys wandered off with there girlfriends. Niall walked up behind me placing his dish in the sink, I turned around staring into his eyes. "What the hell was that?" I asked in a sorta hush tone. "
"What?" he smirked. "Niall, you know what I'm talking about." I said sternly. "I don't like you that way, okay I love Harry and I wished you just except that. What happened between us was a mistake." "But why him though?" he whined. "Shh!" someone will hear you. "Look! just don't pull that shit again got it?" I said, kinda well surprised because I usually never swore. He sighed, "Bella, please." "Niall.. just please don't do this. Lets just be..well friends. I mean we don't have to completely stop talking." I said "Okay!" he said his eyes brightening  he ran in for a hug. Which surprised me, but it was nice to talk to Niall again. Harry walked in, I quickly released. "Uhh.. Hi?" he said walking over to me and Niall. Niall looked at me and walked away, I sighed turning towards Harry. "Hey Babe.." "Uh Hi, Um what was that about?" he asked sternly, "Nothing, just well bonding.." I said walking back towards the sink, hoping he'd drop the conversation. 

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