Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


29. Bella's P.O.V

*A Month later*
For some reason after that argument I mean nothing was the same anymore, we still tried our hardest to look happy. But this relationship became more and more like a job then love. We had almost like a routine. Harry would comeback from whatever the band was doing and I'd make dinner then we would go to sleep. Oh I forgot to mention that. I ended up moving in with Harry! We thought that might make our relationship bloom a bit, but it didn't. It didn't really seem like we lived together as a couple, more as roommates. The boys I guess started realizing our relationship was coming to an end because they forced us on a date tonight. Which we were getting ready for. I curled my hair and slipped on a tight black dress that went a couple inches above my knees and some heels. Harry and I hadn't seen or talked to eachother, heck we didn't even know where we were going! We got into the car, there was a driver who drove us to a park. THE PARK! I thought, I'm going to freeze! I climbed out and we walked over to a cute candle lit dinner by the lake. It was so romantic! The driver left us there , to I guess talk? Harry pulled out my seat for me and the scooted me in. "Thanks.." I said a little surprised. Harry sat down. "You look beautiful." He said kinda awkwardly, and I guess I understood. We hadn't really been "romantic" in months. "Thanks.. Again!" I said this time a bit more surprised. "This is kinda diffrent." I said "it's been a bit diffrent lately, and I know you've noticed but we haven't been the same. Relationship wise." He added putting his head down. " I've noticed.." I said also puttig my head down. "But! You know what I'm gonna change that!" He said excitedly grabbing my hand as we walked around the park. We left our beautiful dinner and literally walked around the park for hours laughing and crying then getting mad and then laughing again! Its so crazy how little we had talked through the past month because alot of stuff happened, like Zayn and Angelique got back together and Liam and Danielle broke up! And Nialls talking to some girl he me in a coffe shop! It was weird hearing Harry talk about Niall, but I guess they had talked through things! I stopped and sat down at the bench, exhausted! Harry sat down next to me, I was freezing! "Here Babe." He said handing me his sweater! "Thanks Styles!" I said puttig in on, oh it smelled amazing! "I missed this, I miss us!" He said. " I looked over at him oh how beautiful he was, and planted a long passoniate kiss on his tender lips. He smiled and took my hand as e headed to the car.
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