Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


25. Bella's P.O.V

I was super surprised when Harry kissed me. I kind of disnt want him to. I wanted him to have time to regester everything in his mind before even thinking of getting back together, if we even did. I stood up and wiped my tears " I have to go.." I said rushing to the door. " what? Why? " he asked surprised. "I want you to think everything through before you do something you'll regret. "How could I ever regret you?" He asked . "Trust me. I'm not worth it. " I said before running out . Honestly I don't think I was , worth it that is. I mean Harry deserved someone so much better , someone who would hurt him like I did. He deserved the world. I rushed out of his house listening to him call out my name. I walked up to my car when it started raining. Great.. I locked my keys in the car. I slammed my hand on the window screaming . Harry ran out a few minutes later laughing a little. "This isn't funny styles. " I said irritated . He ran out into the rain and stood next to me. " why would you ever think that?" "What? That I dont deserve you?" "Yes!" " Harry! I'm not like those other girls, I'm not pretty or skinny or even funny! You deserve someone so much more than me." he stood there as I watched a tear slide down his face. "It really hurts me to think you think that. Bella. Your not pretty, your gorgeous . Your slim. And your not funny, your hilarious. " I turned my back to him. Now I knowe he didn't deserve someone like me . He was just to good of a person. I turned around tears streaming down my face. "Harry, I'm sorry but I can't ." His smile turned into a frown and the tears fell harder then I've ever seen before. He looked away , trying hard not to let me see him cry. He wiped his eyes and tore off his jacket. He put it over me . And kissed me o the cheek , and walked back to the house . About 10 minutes later a tow truck came nd towed me home. I walked through the door soaked. I threw my clothes in the hamper and jumped on the shower. I knew what I had just done was a huge mistake. But I was right , Harry deserved the world. He shouldn't have to downgrade from his model girlfriends to an average gi like me. I hopped out of the shower and threw on some sweats and a shirt. Wasn't it supposed to be summer here ? I thought. I walked I to the kitchen and threw on some soup. I turned on tv and began watching some stupid reality tv show. I curled up on the couch with my soup listening to the raindrops hit my window.
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