Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


23. Bellas P.O.V

I sat there outside Niall's door stunned. Why had Harry invited Niall over? Uh  could this situation get any worse. I snapped out of the trance. And walked to my car. I pulled up to my house over thinking everything. Was Niall going to tell Harry? Would Harry eventually find out? I really just wanted to crawl in a hole and Die. I walked in to my living room, Harry and Niall Were sitting there. "What are you doing here Niall?" I asked rudely. "Niall said he really needed to tell me something.. he said it was so urgent!" Harry replied. I froze. Niall let out a little laugh. "I needed to tell you that the other night when you left, I came over and hung out with Bella.." his voice had a bit of hesitation in it but he continued," and we kissed.. more than once actually, and then she fell asleep on me, on your bed." Niall let out another little laugh. Harry slowly turned around "Hes Joking right?" he asked, judging by my facial expression he could tell it wasn't a joke, a tear fell down his face. I couldn't believe this was actually happening, my palms grew sweaty and I couldn't catch my breath. A tear fell down my face as Harry pushed his way past me, I spun around "HARRY! Wait!" I yelled. I heard the door slam close, as I collapsed on the floor. Niall walked past me letting out a little laugh. I stood up, "I hate you! How could you do this to me?" I yelled. "You deserved it." he said walking out the door. I immediately ran to my phone trying to call Harry. He wasn't picking up, but this was expected. I'd give him some time before trying to talk.

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