Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


13. Bella's P.O.V

I really didnt know what came over me asking Niall to stay, but I just loved being around him. Everything with him was so simple.. and I kinda liked that. I walked over to the couch and turned on the radio.. it was 'A team' by Ed Sheeran. "I love this song!" Niall Said. "Yeah.. me too" I said . he walked over and sat next to me . I threw my legs up and sat criss croosed.  I looked over at him and then looked down. I could feel him staring. So I looked up and as I did he looked down.I remained  staring.. he looked up. Our Eyes sat in a trance. And To be honest all I really wanted to do was fall into his arms. But I knew that was wrong because I loved Harry. But I liked Niall.. and I knew that. "Umm." He said scratching the back of his head. "What do you want to do?" he asked. "Um Wanna watch a movie? I asked. "Sure! What do you want to watch?" he asked. "I dont know what do you want to watch?" "I dont know what do you want to watch?" "Lets not watch anything.. I'm actually kinda tired. " I said. "Um, do you want me to leave?" he asked. " Actually No.. I want you to stay." I said setting my hand on top of his.

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