Meant to Be

Bella Has Always Dreamed of Meeting Her Favorite Boy Band in Hopes Of The Wonderful Flirt Harry Styles to Fall in Love With Her! When She Visits her Grandma in London she expectantly runs into teen heartthrob at their concert.


1. Bellas P.O.V

As I got off the plane that bright and early morning I felt refreshed.. I mean it was so beautiful out here in London I felt like I was in a fairy tale. It was Pretty Early, so as I was exiting the Airport the sky was a gorgeous pink.. the Sun was Rising and the Birds sang so beautiful, you couldn't help but stop and listen. "Bella Over Here!" As I turned and Looked I Saw My Grandma Standing there next to her purple Bug.. she was so tiny When I hugged her i thought she might break. she was so delicate and fragile, but i loved her so much, she always knew what to say to me and make me feel beautiful all the time.. that's why i was so discouraged when she told me she was moving to London last year. That Meant I was stuck with my mean old step dad. But now I was Here with her for a Whole Summer! I Couldn't help but smile like an idiot on our way to her house. As we got out of the Car she escorted me to my room and left me alone while i unpacked. The Room Was gorgeous.. the Walls were a pretty lavender and the bed was a queen size with  gorgeous white vintage bedding. There was a night stand and a wardrobe so I began to unpack. When I Was Finished I walked out into the kitchen, She was sitting there drinking tea and reading a book. "Watcha Reading there Grandma?" I Said. "Its Called: Is this Love?." she replied with a mischievous  look on her face. "Why are You Making that face?" I Said with a smirk. "Its Just I Have a Surprise For You!" she replied. "Well Spit it Out!" I Said. "I Got You Front Row One Direction Tickets For There Show Tonight!" she said practically screaming. "OMG! I Love You1 I Love You!" I screamed. Then I Sat Up and Started Stupidly Dancing! She Hands it to me and i get a whole swarm of butterflies in my stomach. "You Better Go Get Ready!" she says with the biggest grin on her face as I run to My Bed Room! 

             As I Ran To My Room a Sea of Thoughts Flooded into My Head! What Was I Going to Wear? What Were the boys going to wear? I just couldn't wait! I decided on a pastel colored tie dye t shirt, and a pair of ripped up high waist ed shorts. My hair was already wavy from the day before so I just threw on some rings that i got from Brandy Melville. I Gotta Admit I was looking hot! I knew there was no chance of me ever meeting the boys but hey.. boy directioners. I kissed my grandma goodbye and grabbed the keys, I switched off My phone.I needed no interruptions  tonight. It was Just me and the boys tonight. 

          The Concert was AMAZING! I couldn't wait to go home and tell grandma all about it! But Right Now I needed to pee! I sat there waiting in line for about a half and hour. I looked at MY Watch and it Read 11:30.. Crap I Had to be Home By 12 and this line wasn't moving anytime soon so I slipped out of line and walked straight into the empty boys restroom. I stood thee in the mirror and again I had to admit it I still looked Pretty MY hair Fell into these gorgeous looser waves and my little bit of makeup i ad on maintained to stay on. I then rushed into the one stall that was there and did My Business. As I Was Walking Out Some Guy with a Hoodie and A Dark Pair Of Skinny Jeans Walked in. I had to admit I was a little embarrassed him seeing me walk out of the Boys Bathroom.. bu then again I didn't really care. As I started Walking out I realized I forgot my phone in there... "Oh Crap!" I said aloud not meaning to. I Had to go back into the Boys Restroom.. and there was that strange boy in there... shit.

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