What Makes Me Beautiful

I stand awkwardly in the corner while everyone else is flirting, and being social. My mom forced me here, telling me to be social, but I am not social, I am awkward, and the only reason I was invited here is because everyone feels sorry for me, but I dont really care. Everyone is being loud, and screaming, pushing each other into the pool, when suddenly, everyone stops. I look over to see five beautiful guys standing at the gate, and one looks directly at me, smiling. He makes me feel as if he thinks I am pretty, but I am probably just imagining it because no one thinks I'm pretty.


2. Saying goodbye

      Zayn and I talk at the side of the pool until the party is nearly over. "Zayn!" shouts Niall in his adorable Irish accent. "We are about to leave!" He looks at me with sad eyes. As he gets to his feet he splashs me playfully, and I pull myself out of the pool, grabbing a bucket that floats at the bottom of the pool. I throw the water inside at him, making him wet once again.

       "Oh! So you want to play like that huh?" he says laughing. I run around the poll with Zayn right behind me. Eventually all the boys are chasing after me as well. I feel Zayn grab my hand, and he throws me over his shoulder. I scream at the top of my lungs and hold onto Zayn as he tries to throw me in. As i go into the pool, I hold onto Zayn, and pull him in with me.

        When I come up for air all the boys are laughing. "Zayn! Man, she just pulled you in without any trouble!" Harry laughs. "I want to join!" Louis shouts jumping into the pool with a huge splash. We all continue to laugh, but all the boys go quiet when Paul walks in. "Boys! Let's go! We don't have time for this. We need to go!" he shouts to them.

         They all nod, and start to leave. "Bye!" Niall shouts. "Adios!" shouts Louis. "Goodbye!" Liam says "Bye bye!" Harry says. All of them but Zayn walk away. "I really want to see you again." he says. I smile as he gives me a friendly hug. "I'll message you on Twitter." he says. I nod, and hug him again. I then watch as he and the only boys I have ever talked to walk away from me for what will proabably be forever.




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