What Makes Me Beautiful

I stand awkwardly in the corner while everyone else is flirting, and being social. My mom forced me here, telling me to be social, but I am not social, I am awkward, and the only reason I was invited here is because everyone feels sorry for me, but I dont really care. Everyone is being loud, and screaming, pushing each other into the pool, when suddenly, everyone stops. I look over to see five beautiful guys standing at the gate, and one looks directly at me, smiling. He makes me feel as if he thinks I am pretty, but I am probably just imagining it because no one thinks I'm pretty.


1. Pool Party

I stand awkwadly in the corner of the pool, freezing cold. I wish I could call my mother, and ask her to come get me, but as if she would. She forced me here, telling me to be social, but I am not social, I'm awkward, and I was only invited here because people felt bad for me. I watch the other people being pushed into the pool, as they flirt with the boys.

I am still standing in the corner of the pool when everyone turns, and falls silent. I look up to see five handsome boys, and I wish that one of them would notice me, but I know they won't because I am not pretty enough. My golden brown hair doesnt go completely straight, or curl perfectly. I stand quietly in the coner watching them.

I can barely make out what the boy with dark hair than the others is saying, but I strain my ears to listen. "Our tour bus broke down." he says. I look closer at him, and realize who this boy is. Zayn Malik of One Direction, and the other boys that are messing around and laughing, are the rest of One Direction.

I see Zayn go over to Harry, and whisper something in his ear. Harry laughs at him, and Niall comes to join. Zayn tells Niall as well, and as each of them come over, her tells them too. I have a strange feeling that what they are saying is about me, but I try to ignore it. I watch as they each drag Zayn to the side of the pool that I'm on, and push him in. They all laugh as he goes in the water, and I am splashed.

Zayn comes up from the water, and goes to the edge where the other boys are. "You boys, better run!" he says pointing at them, and climbing out of the pool. Soon Zayn is chasing all of them around the pool, and eventually, each of them have been pushed in the pool as well.

When they are all drenched, Zayn makes his way back over to me. "I'm sorry for splashing you!" he says, and he sits down beside me, putting his feet in the water.

"It's fine!" I say. He is quiet for a minute. "Can ask you a question?" he asks, abruptly. I nod, and he looks as if he is thinking hard. "What are doing all by yourself?" he asks.

I smile, he noticed me, and paid attention enough to notice that I was by myself. "Well, I'm not popular, and I'm shy, I don't get crazy like that unless I'm with close friends, and they are all flirting, which means I would just be ignored because I'm not as pretty as the other girls." I tell him, not knowing why I just blurted that out.

He looks at me strangely, as if he is upset. "Why would you think that?" he questions me. I shrug. "No one ever likes me, I even went to junior prom alone." I tell him.

"I like you." He says. "A lot."

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