Gotta Be You

Ava thought this was going to be a really boring Summer,Just like the rest.She had no idea she'd be meeting the boy of her dreams.


1. It was normal until...

*Beeeep* *Beeeeeeeeeeep* *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

''Oh my gosh, SHUT UP!'' Yelled Ava as she slammed her phone. She had to use it as her alarm clock now since her brother broke her old one. ''10:30 already?'' She said madly as she got out of bed. She walked to the kitchen,Her mom was sitting on the couch ''Sleep good?'' Her mom asked as she sipped her coffee.''Uh...yeah'' Said Ava lying. ''Alright dear''. Ava opened the fridge..*Ava's Point of View* Urgh, None of this food looks good anymore, maybe i'm just too sad to eat she sighed. I think I'll go for a walk to clear my mind.

Ava went to her room, slipped on some skinnies and a hoodie. She brushed her teeth and  brushed her long wavy hair that fell right about to her belly button. ''Mom, I'll be back in an hour.'' She started walking down the road. It was so nice out. ''What's that noise?'' Ava said to herself. She felt as is she was being watched..Something was in the bushes... someone was watching her.

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