Nandos & Waffles

When Wafa meets Niall on a train in England she leaves a lasting impression on the boy. Something about her was just so different, leaving him wanting more. When Niall comes to Canada with his band he meets Wafa at a signing and he couldn't help but ask her out. In no time at all the two are in love but the mistakes Niall makes on the way are hard to forget. At the same time, Zayn and Liam have finally found love for each other but find it hard to share with the rest of the boys. Same with Harry and Louis as they go through the struggle to be in love yet still keep it a secret from not only their best friends, but the rest of the world too.

Yes, Ziam and Larry are gay in this fanfiction but I would like to let you know that it is all %100 fake and not real. The boys have suffered a lot of hate for being "gay" so please understand this is just for the storyline and is in not real in any way. Thank you! (: enjoy reading!


15. The Unexpected [SECOND LAST CHAPTER]

Liam’s POV  

Simon had called us all to reunite for Harry’s birthday. I hadn’t heard from Louis yet, or Harry but Niall was here with Wafa and Zayn and I were going to meet up with them later in the night. Harry’s birthday wasn’t until two days, but Simon had ordered us to get here early and sort things out between us. I guess he was just as worried as we were about the possibility of a split in the band.

 Zayn walked into the room grinning from ear to ear. “I just saw Niall.” He came over and sat beside me on the bed, “I really missed him.”  

“Is he with Wafa?” I asked  

“Yeah, he looked really happy. He’s so in love.” Zayn chuckled to himself before walking over to the suitcase and pulling out a new outfit.  

“Are you going out?”

“We’re going out.” Zayn corrected.

I zipped open my suitcase and pulled out a maroon T-shirt and black jeans. I wasn’t really in the mood to dress up.   Zayn slipped on a white tee and faded grey jeans. He glanced at himself in the bathroom mirror then trotted back towards the suitcase.

“Something’s missing.” He looked puzzled as he tried to figure out what else his outfit needed.   I spotted his whitewashed denim jacket and handed it to him. Zayn smiled and slipped it on. “This feels right. Thanks.” He gave me a peck on the lips and walked back to the bathroom where he began working on his hair.  

Niall’s POV  

I took Wafa’s hand and led her down towards the hotel club. The music was blasting loudly and the floor vibrated as you stepped on it. The security guard in the corner was eyeing both of us, and I could tell he knew Wafa wasn’t of age to be entering such a place.   I made my way over to the man and flashed my best smile. “Hello mate, what a lovely evening isn’t it?” I asked smiling.  

The guard ignored me and continued to look at Wafa who was standing right behind me. I felt her hand grip mine tighter. “This girl, she looks too young to be here, I need some ID” Wafa’s nails dug into my skin and I shot her a reassuring look.  

“Look mate, we’re having a party tonight, and she’s invited okay?” The guard didn’t look convinced.  

He turned to me and gave me a once over, “I understand who you are and I don’t really appreciate an underage girl hanging around in an area like this. If I see her drink one sip of alcohol you both are out. I’ve got eyes everywhere.”  

I nodded and took Wafa’s hand leading her away from the guard. “See that wasn’t so bad.” I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  

Louis POV  

Harry’s Birthday was in two days. I had gotten numerous texts from Simon, texts I hadn’t checked. Texts I didn’t want to check.  

I had written my letters. One to my mum, my sisters, one to Simon, the fans, the boys as a whole and then Harry. Harry’s letter took the most thinking and time. I didn’t want him to think that he was ever the reason for me leaving, because he wasn’t. I was doing this because I messed up, and it was the only way I could think of things to be better.  

Here I was, standing in front of the mirror above my bathroom sink. I had filled the tub up with warm water, in case the pills didn’t work, drowning myself had to.  

With the pills in one hand and a cup of water in the other, I slowly snaked into the warm water. I threw the pills in my mouth, and gulped down water to swallow them all. Slowly, slowly I sank down lower into the water until my head was almost submerged. I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling. “Harry.” I spoke in a low whisper, “I love you.” And let all the memories of our past flood into me.  

Liam’s POV  

I walked over to the bar and asked for another beer. The woman smiled and handed it to me, without hesitation I gulped half of it down. I was feeling extremely woozy, I usually never drank, but this time I made an exception.  

Niall walked over and gave me a pat on the back. I almost fell over and I clung to the bar stool so I wouldn’t fall.  “Damn Li, you’re so drunk.” Niall laughed.   I gave him a thumbs up and collapsed onto the floor.

Niall laughed louder and put an arm out to help me.  “You’re sober?” I asked grinning widely.  

Niall nodded towards Wafa who was talking to Zayn. “She wants me to stay sober for one night.” Niall laughed again.  

I nodded and grabbed Niall’s shoulder to stay steady. “Let’s dance.” I yelled and Niall swung an arm around my hip leading me towards the dance floor.  


 I had sobered up a bit, I could walk okay now but I still felt a little weird. I had spent so much time with Niall and I felt really, really good. The time I spent with him reminded me of when I actually had a crush on Niall. Yes, I Liam Payne had had a humongous crush on little Nialler. The crush was still going on when Zayn and I were on our way to Ireland together on the train. I had fallen for Niall so hard; it was just his charm and those perfect blue eyes. And oh, that laugh. That perfect, perfect laugh.  

“Liam show us your moves!” Niall half sung and half shouted. I smiled and began moving my hips in a freakishly humiliating way. “Woohoo, work it man!” Niall cheered as I began moving my arms, legs, and head in sync with everything else.

Niall moved next to me grabbing my arm and spinning me around. I stopped mid turn right in front of Niall his face just inches from mine.   Without thinking, with the thoughts of my crush on Niall still fluttering in my mind, I grabbed his face and kissed him.

Immediately Niall pushed away and the smile and joy on his face had all disappeared. “What the fuck Liam!” he shouted in anger.  

“Niall.” Wafa came over. Niall grabbed Wafa’s hand and pulled her closer to him.  

“Niall I” I paused not knowing what to tell him. How could I tell Niall I use to have a crush on him? I didn’t even like Niall anymore. Why was I acting this way? “It must have been the drink Niall, I don’t usually drink you know.” I said trying to sound a little more drunk than I already was.  

I wasn’t that drunk at all, I was almost completely sober. I had been drunk hours ago, the drunkness had kind of worn off .

“Liam you look sober to me.” Niall interrupted my thoughts.  

“I use to have a crush on you alright? I was just thinking about the way I fell for you and then you grabbed my hands and turned me around and I was face to face with you and I couldn’t help myself alright?!” I shouted throwing my hands into the air. Why was everything so complicated?  

“What about Zayn?” Suddenly the realization that I was with Zayn had sunk in. Zayn was my boyfriend and I had just kissed Niall. I turned to face where Zayn and Wafa were standing a moment ago before me kissing Niall had happened.  

“Wafa?” I turned back towards her, “where did Zayn go?”  

Wafa shifted awkwardly in her feet and then spoke, “We were both watching you dance like a fool, and when you kissed Niall Zayn almost crumbled to the floor. He ran up to his room.”  

I felt the blood drain out of my cheeks and I suddenly felt extremely sick. “Liam are you okay? You’re completely pale!” Niall grabbed my shoulders and shook me.  

“Niall, call the ambulance.” I struggled for the words but they finally managed to get out.  

“What? Liam Why-”  

“Zayn, he’s going to cut, Niall call the ambulance!” I bolted towards the elevator and quickly pressed the up button. I waited about 2-3 seconds before running towards the stairs. I climbed all 10 levels until I reached our room. The door was unlocked and when I entered it was completely silent.  

My stomach lurched as I walked across the soft carpet towards the bathroom door. “Zayn.” I called quietly, “Are you in there?” I turned the knob, which was as usual, unlocked.  

The sight I saw was never what I expected. My knees gave out from under me and I crumbled to the ground. “Zayn!” I screeched. I pulled myself into the bathroom and grabbed Zayn’s hand. The gashes were larger than ever before and blood was overflowing out of them.  

I pulled myself up to the sink where I grabbed a towel and soaked it in water. “Zayn” I whispered. “wake up please.” I pressed the towel onto his wrists and dragged him out onto the carpet. “Zayn!” I yelled louder forcing myself to not cry. “please!”  

“Liam!” Niall came in and fell to the floor. “Liam what happened?” He asked his voice cracking.  

“Ambulance, we need the ambulance.” Paul grabbed me from behind pulling me away from Zayn. “No Paul no!” I shouted tears streaming down my face. I shouted and screamed and cried but it was no use, Paul dragged my into the hall where he held me in his arms as I sobbed harder and harder.  


“Liam.” A nurse came over and placed a hand on my shoulder, “It was good of you to call the ambulance, Zayn is fine.” I jumped out of my chair and hugged the nurse.  

“Can I see him please.” The nurse nodded and opened the door towards his room. As soon as Zayn came into view I started crying again. “Zayn.” I looked at him through my blurry vision, “Zayn I am so, so sorry I didn’t mean to kiss Niall Zayn I am so sorry.”  

“Liam -”  

“I can’t believe I kissed him, I was drunk and I know I shouldn’t blame it on that but I’ve never been drunk before you know?”  

“Okay I -”  

“I just don’t know what came over me and I just feel like such a dick. Oh man I’m just such a bad person and I can’t believe I-”  

“LIAM!” Zayn shouted loudly. I quickly shut my mouth and stood there staring at him. “Liam.” Zayn spoke more softly this time. “I understand okay? You’re not the type to make those mistakes. I’ve made so many, and you’ve made only one.” He chuckled to himself. I was glad that he was still smiling. “I was just upset, and didn’t feel so good for awhile now. I would have cut tonight anyways.” I placed a hand on Zayn’s cheek then leaned down a kissed his forehead.  

“I was so afraid Zayn. I was sure you were dead.” I whispered. Zayn held his hand out to me and our fingers intertwined.  

“Liam I am so sorry. Seeing you here right now and knowing that I’m alive is just the greatest feeling ever. I feel like such an idiot, I could never leave you Li, I love you.” Zayn’s eyes began to water and a trickle of tears ran down his cheek. “I’m going to get some help.” He whispered through the tears. “I’m going to try my best to stop being like this.” I wrapped my arms tightly around him and broke into sobs.  

“I love you.” I whispered in his ears.  

“I love you too.”  

Harry’s POV  

February 1st 2013. What a great day isn’t it? The sun is shining nicely, and it doesn’t seem so cold in London today. Yes, I’m back in London. I’m here to go see Louis and get him back. I’m here to never leave him again. Ever.  

Disguises were necessary for this trip back to London. Since the video was still going around and because there was no way that I could walk the streets of London without getting recognized. Even grandparents recognized me! I never imagined for us to be this big.    

A couple of girls passed by wearing T-shirts with our faces on them and I had a sudden urge to show them who I was so they could take pictures or something with me. I controlled myself though, and just turned to face the wall with my hood pulled tightly over my head.  

I made my way across the street towards Louis’ building. I was scrolling through the news on my phone and was pretty shaken up by what had happened with Zayn two days ago. He had attempted a suicide, but Liam had rushed to rescue and Zayn was in treatment now.  

Losing one of the boys made me sick. They were my brothers, my best friends. What would I be without them? Just thinking about Zayn lying still in a hospital bed made me queasy. I was going to call him tonight and make sure that he was okay. Zayn was really important to me, I wanted to be there for support.  

As I approached Louis’ building I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I was seeing the man I loved again, and I just couldn’t contain my excitement. The door man gave me a little wave as I entered and I answered with a cheery hello. Nothing could ruin this day for me. Nothing.  

The elevator ride was quiet; there was no one in the elevator but me. As the door opened with a ding! I pulled out my phone to find the apartment number I had saved in the notes. Room 281 was Louis’, there was room 279, 280, and 281!

I stood in front of the door for a second not knowing what to do. I was afraid all of a sudden and didn’t know if I should knock or call first. I decided I would just knock and waited for a couple minutes.  

After a good five minutes of knocking I gave up and just called him. It went to his answering machine, “Hey it’s Louis. Fuck you, cause life sucks. I’m not going to fucking talk, or answer the fucking door so just get the fucking key from under the fucking matt and have a fan-fucking-tastic day.” Every word was dripping with enough venom and sarcasm to last two lifetimes.  

Whoa... I thought. Extreme usage of the word fuck is see... Guess everything went downhill for you after I left? Atleast he's still got the sass?

I decided to follow his instructions and felt under the matt for the key. I inserted the key into the knob and turned it revealing the messy apartment which Louis was staying in. I walked across the carpeted floor hoping Louis would be sitting around watching T.V. or something, but he wasn’t around.  

He was probably out grocery shopping or something, I slipped off my shoes and took off my disguise and decided I would go to the bathroom to get freshened up before Louis returned home.  

I walked over to Louis’ bedroom and took a seat on his bed, which had one of his shirts laid on top of it. I held the shirt close to me and sniffed it for the scent of Louis. I really did miss him so much. I walked across the room and turned the bathroom knob.  

Slowly I walked in and broke into a scream. The sight I saw was nothing I was expecting. My knees buckled, my heart stopped, my eyes watered and I crumbled to the floor. Everything was ruined...

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