Nandos & Waffles

When Wafa meets Niall on a train in England she leaves a lasting impression on the boy. Something about her was just so different, leaving him wanting more. When Niall comes to Canada with his band he meets Wafa at a signing and he couldn't help but ask her out. In no time at all the two are in love but the mistakes Niall makes on the way are hard to forget. At the same time, Zayn and Liam have finally found love for each other but find it hard to share with the rest of the boys. Same with Harry and Louis as they go through the struggle to be in love yet still keep it a secret from not only their best friends, but the rest of the world too.

Yes, Ziam and Larry are gay in this fanfiction but I would like to let you know that it is all %100 fake and not real. The boys have suffered a lot of hate for being "gay" so please understand this is just for the storyline and is in not real in any way. Thank you! (: enjoy reading!


9. First Date


Wafa’s POV

Sitting under the guards gaze was really, really uncomfortable. I didn’t dare look up, the guard was pretty scary looking. The clock on the wall stated it was almost 10pm. The concert had ended around 9pm. It had taken me about 45 minutes to finally get out of the arena; the mob of fans was really hard to get through. The guards asked me like a billion questions too, which only added to the stress I was feeling.

I had been sitting in this room for more than 15 awkward minutes and I couldn’t wait until Niall would just burst through the door and save me from the silence. “Niall hasn’t forgotten about me has he?” I finally spoke. No one answered me so I looked up to see if the guard was still there. Great, sleeping on the job huh? I don’t know when he did, but the guard had dozed off.

I could hear some type of bickering outside my door. I glanced quickly at the guard making sure he was still asleep. Slowly I eased myself off the chair and tiptoed towards the door. I pressed my ear against the cold metal and tried to listen to what was going on.

“Guys seriously will you keep it down! She’s right in that room and I don’t want her to hear this!” A familiar voice shouted while still trying to keep his voice a whisper. It was Niall, I hoped that everything was okay.

“Well how can we keep it down when you haven’t picked a place to even take her to! She’s waiting for you Niall, how could you just screw this up.” This voice wasn’t as familiar but it was slow and deep, definitely Harry.

It sounded like Niall was in a bit of trouble and I felt kind of uneasy. Was this all because I was going on a date with him? What if Niall didn’t actually want to go on a date with me and had totally forgot about it cause he was uninterested? What if now he didn’t even care about me and the boys were trying to convince him to go even though he didn’t want to? 

“Okay Harry relax a little, Niall is just nervous okay?” That sounded like Louis, his voice was higher pitched then the others so you couldn’t really mistake him for someone else.

“oh man guys! What am I going to do?! This is my first real date and I just I can’t I’m too nervous!” That was Niall again… He was nervous to go on a date with me? This was his first real date? I smiled to myself, Niall was nervous to go on a date with me… That had never happened before. A celebrity that I adored was nervous to go on a date with me… with me! I kept repeating those words over and over in my head.

“Okay okay, just go in and ask her to come out.” Niall whispered. I quickly moved back to the chair and sat down. I ran my fingers through my hair and checked my reflection in the framed poster on the wall.

The door knob turned and Louis skipped in excitedly. “Hey babe, Niall’s waiting for you.” Louis grinned grabbing my hand and pulling me off the chair. “Sorry to keep you waiting so long, the boys a little nervous.” He whispered into my ear.

“Oh uhm its alright, I’m nervous too.” I confessed as Louis led me outside.

Niall’s POV

I paced back and forth in my dressing room trying to figure out what to say. I had some flowers, I would give those to Wafa cause that would be the nice thing a gentlemen would do… right?

“Okay Niall just relax.” I whispered to myself. “You’re a cool slick guy right? Yeah you are! You go boy you go, yeah boy you go.”

“Uhm… Niall are you okay?” I turned around and there stood Louis grinning at me.

“I told you to knock.” I said through clenched teeth. Louis was still grinning at me and he moved out of the way revealing Wafa. I looked at her and my jaw dropped. Her hair was in beautiful loose curls around her shoulders. She wore a light blue sequined top with dark jeans and some strappy sandals. Wafa looked absolutely gorgeous. “Hey” I said awkwardly.

“Hi.” She smiled

“You look, amazing.” I said brushing my hand through my hair.

“Oh thanks.” She said looking down at what she was wearing, “is it too casual? I didn’t know where we were going.” She said uneasily.

“No no, it’s perfect.” I smiled. I looked over at Louis and motioned him to leave but he just stood there smiling at us. “Louis.” I hissed

“Oh is there something wrong Nialler?” Louis asked winking at me. I was going to strangle that boy.

“OH LOUIS! There you are mate; Paul needs some help with something.” Liam grabbed Louis by the collar gave me a wink and pulled him away. Thank God for Daddy Direction. He was always there to save the day.

“So, let’s go?” I asked smiling at Wafa. She nodded and I grabbed her hand leading outside to where the car was waiting outside for us.


“Niall that is such a lie!” Wafa laughed sitting across from me.

“It is not! Some guys get nervous on dates.” I smiled looking into her eyes.

“Mhhmmm, it’s hard to believe since you’re such a handsome young lad, and pretty confident too.” Wafa winked. I grabbed her hand from across the table and winked back.

“Well it shouldn’t be hard to believe. You are such a beautiful girl and I can’t help but get nervous when I’m around you.” Wafa looked away blushing.

“How are you so perfectly sweet?” She asked smiling.

“I’m not, I think it’s only when I’m around you.” I laughed.

“Hi, I’m Jonalyn.” A girl in a Nandos uniform came over to our table. “Here’s your Peri Peri chicken.” She smiled and placed it on our table.

“Mmm, this smells great thank you!” I said looking up at her. She looked back at me suddenly shocked. “Is everything okay?” I asked nervous.

“Oh my gosh! You’re Niall Horan! I LOOOOOVE you!” She squealed. “Oh man, I can’t believe I’m serving you. It is such an honor! Oh my gosh you are at my Nandos, where I work!” Jonalyn started speaking some random gibberish and I didn’t know what to do to calm her down.

“Would you like a picture or autograph or something?” I asked taking a sip from the glass of water.

“Oh yeah sure! That would be fantastic!” I signed a napkin for her and took a few pictures with her too. The girl was really nice, she finally calmed down and chatted awhile with me and Wafa. “You guys are absolutely adorable just saying.” She winked before leaving to get her other orders done.

“That’s sweet what you did.” Wafa grinned taking a bite of her chicken.

“Well she’s a fan, we should all treat our fans with respect.” I said digging into my chicken.

Jonalyn returned a couple more times with some garlic bread and potatoes. She made sure everything was going well, and if we needed anything. She was a really good server; I would make a point to leave a note for the manager later on.

“So how’s your family?” I asked Wafa, she had quizzed me enough about my family and It was my turn now.

“Uhm they’re good.” She said shifting in her seat. Something about her family made her uneasy.

“Just good?” I asked winking at her, “So do you have any siblings or anything?” I asked handing her a garlic bread.

“No, I’m an only child.” She said taking it from me.

“Do your parents work or anything?” I asked, I had a feeling she didn’t really wanna talk about her family with me.

“Yeah they both work.” She said quietly.

“Wafa, you know you can share anything with me right?” I think that did the trick because she took a deep breath and began talking. She told me about how her mother was a cold hearted freak who didn’t want anything to do with her. Her dad on the other hand was the sweetest guy on the planet, he planned driving to montreal so Wafa could come to our signing. “Wow, I’m so sorry you have to deal with a mom like that.” I said grabbing her hand again.

“Niall you don’t have to be sorry, it’s okay.” Wafa said squeezing my hand gently. We talked for hours more. Wafa said she was bullied because she was fat and honestly that hurt me. I’ve known Wafa for only a little while but hearing that hurts me.

Wafa’s POV

Niall was so sympathetic; it really meant so much that he cared that much about me. “I had a lot of fun Niall.” I said as he walked me up to my door.

“Me too, thanks for coming.” Niall grinned.

“Thank you for making me feel beautiful.” I said looking into his eyes. Niall looked into mine as well and slowly leaned in. I closed my eyes waiting for our lips to touch.

“Oh so your home.” The door swung open and my cold hearted mother stood at the door way with the phone to her ear. “Yeah Lisa, she’s with some blonde guy with braces.” Niall looked at my mum and managed a smile.

“Hi, you must be Wafa’s mom. It’s nice to mee-” My mom placed a hand in front of Niall cutting him off.

“Honey you must be lost, I mean you don’t seem like that type hang out with…” my mom gave me a disapproving once over “this.” She said disgustedly. I tried not to look hurt but Niall knew how I really felt.

“I’m not lost, I took your daughter out tonight and she is a beautiful-”

“HA! Oh please honey, what did you pay him to say that Wafa?” My mom began laughing and shut her phone. “Yup, that’s my girl desperate for attention.”

“You have no right to talk to your daughter that way!” Niall said his voice rising in anger. My mom looked at him suddenly shocked.

“Excuse me?” She said standing up straighter.

“Niall you should go, I’ll call you later alright?” I whispered.

“Wafa I never knew this was that bad.” Niall looked at me worriedly.

“No Niall it’s not bad just forget this ever happened alright?” Niall didn’t seem too convinced.

Niall’s POV

Wafa kept motioning for me to leave and I knew she didn’t want me to see her mother act like how she was. But it didn’t feel right to just leave her like that, although I did leave I still felt bad.

The car pulled up to the hotel and I walked through the revolving doors into the lobby. I walked past the reception desk and towards the elevator. I didn’t even have to press the button, the elevator doors just swung open with a light ding. I walked in and the bellhop asked what floor. I arrived up at my floor thanked the man in the uniform then walked towards my room. I had a room alone, usually I would share with one of the boys but John and I decided we would have separate rooms, so I was on my own, which I had to admit was nice because after a night like this I didn’t want to answer any questions. I just wanted to think about what I could do for Wafa. 

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