Nandos & Waffles

When Wafa meets Niall on a train in England she leaves a lasting impression on the boy. Something about her was just so different, leaving him wanting more. When Niall comes to Canada with his band he meets Wafa at a signing and he couldn't help but ask her out. In no time at all the two are in love but the mistakes Niall makes on the way are hard to forget. At the same time, Zayn and Liam have finally found love for each other but find it hard to share with the rest of the boys. Same with Harry and Louis as they go through the struggle to be in love yet still keep it a secret from not only their best friends, but the rest of the world too.

Yes, Ziam and Larry are gay in this fanfiction but I would like to let you know that it is all %100 fake and not real. The boys have suffered a lot of hate for being "gay" so please understand this is just for the storyline and is in not real in any way. Thank you! (: enjoy reading!


5. Feelings uncovered


Harry’s POV

I trudged up the steps with Louis behind me. Niall’s room door was covered with posters like “Irish Lad” or “Do not enter, unless you’re Irish” Pretty typical, Niall loves showing he's Irish. He's proud of his heritage. Our room was across from his it had a plain door, no posters or anything. I turned the knob slowly then reached for the light switch. Right in the centre of the room lay a large queen sized bed. I had an urge to jump into it, an urge I couldn’t fight. Before I knew it I was diving for the white fluffy bed. Louis came into the room, a grin spread across his face. He quietly shut the door then locked it. He turned the light off making the room completely dark.

“Louis I can’t see!” I hissed squinting in the darkness.

“That’s the point!” Louis giggled he was closer than I had expected. I felt his warm hands grab my face as he pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his waist pulling him on top of me. His hands moved up from my face and into my hair, his fingers tangled into my curls. I rolled over so I was on top of him, rubbing my body against his. Louis giggled in delight then reach up and helped me pull my hoodie off. “I love you.” Louis whispered.

“I love you too Lou.” I whispered back, and then crushed my lips against his again.

Liam’s POV

I glanced around the room noticing that Louis and Harry weren’t around. How had they gone without me noticing?

“They probably went up to sleep.” Zayn said moving my head back with his hand to face him.

I looked into his deep brown eyes then smiled. The way Zayn looked right now reminded me of the time we first kissed. It was an accident of course, but I kind of liked it. I felt something different for Zayn, something I couldn’t describe. I loved him not only as a friend, but as much, much more.  I wouldn’t tell him that though, no. It would only make our friendship awkward. Awks in a box, 3D box! If I couldn’t have Zayn how I actually wanted, I would just like to keep our friendship. I would never, ever want to lose our friendship, it was something special. The fans called our friendship or “Bromance” as some would say, Ziam. I absolutely adored that name for us. Zayn and I were so free with each other, we acted pretty gay at times. There was no denying that, even our fans noticed it! Maybe someday, Zayn and I could be together. If that actually happened, I don’t know what I would do. It would be perfect, my best friend, my lover, soul mate.

“Are you okay mate?” Zayn asked bringing me back to reality. I looked at him for a long while and tried to remember what was going on.

“Me? Oh yeah, yeah I’m fine.” I mumbled. I had been drifting off in my thoughts ever since I saw Zayn this morning. He had noticed every time, that I wasn’t connected with the world for that little bit. He was beginning to get a little worried; I could see it in his eyes.

“What were you thinking about?” He asked, he had asked that every time I snapped back to reality. I was thinking about so much. I even thought about Niall once, but I never told Zayn that.

“Oh nothing…” I trailed off. There was no way I was going to tell Zayn what I was thinking. He obviously didn't feel the same way. I would just ruin things for us and then everything would be messed up. I had to keep this to myself.

“Come on! You can tell me, I can keep secrets you know!” Zayn touched my hand. I hated when he did that, well actually I loved it. But it just made it so much harder to resist him. Why did he have to make me love him so much?

“It’s nothing.” I blushed looking away. 

“Were you thinking about me?” Zayn moved closer obviously interested in knowing. How did you know?!

“Zayn it’s nothing!” I said moving away.

“Sorry Liam I just wanted to know.” He looked down and tugged at his shirt. He did that when he felt embarrassed at times.

“I was thinking about a girl okay!” I said ignoring his hurt expression. I quickly got up and ran up the stairs.

There was a large queen size bed waiting in the centre of the room. So Zayn and I would be sharing a bed… Liam why did you have to be such a jerk to him?! I heard the door open and Zayn walked inside, avoiding my eyes. He made a beeline for the washroom shutting the door behind him. Liam you are such a retard. How could you do that to your best friend? The best friend you love so much?

Zayn’s POV

I walked into the room but couldn’t look into Liam’s eyes. I felt so humiliated. Liam was thinking about a girl, not me. How could I be so stupid? Liam would never love me like I wanted him to love me. I saw the washroom across the room and quickly made a beeline for it. I shut the door and walked over to the sink. I yanked open a drawer looking for something sharp. I needed an escape, I didn’t feel so good. I felt like such an idiot. The cabinet above the sink had some razors in it; I quickly tore open the packet and pulled back the sleeves of my shirt. I took the silver blade and looked at it for awhile. I knew my brain was trying to psyche myself out of cutting but I wouldn't have it. I carefully moved the blade across the unmarked skin. It made a long straight line, I had practice with this. I breathed a sigh of relief as the blood oozed out from the fresh cut.

“Zayn I’m sorry can I come in?” I heard from outside the door. I ignored Liam, the door was locked and I didn't want to see him at the moment. Suddenly panic struck me as the door knob turned and Liam walked in, the bloody razor fell to the floor and I watched as Liam’s face went from shock to horror. I had forgotten to lock the door!

“ZAYN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Liam rushed over grabbing my shoulders. Tears filled his eyes as he looked into mine.

“L-L-L-iam its nothing!” I moved away trying to hide the cut from him. I turned around with droplets of blood dripping to the ground.

“No let me see!” He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. “Why?! Why did you do this?!” he asked more tears flooding his eyes. How could I explain this to him? He would think I was a coward.

“I-I-I don’t know!” I struggled to say. I couldn’t explain myself to Liam it was just too hard to tell him how much I loved him.

“Is it because of me?!” He asked touching my face.

“No Liam, it could never be because of you.” I looked at him tears filling my eyes. I just wanted to be loved by him so desperately.

“it was wasn’t it? It was because I hurt your feelings!”Liam looked away ashamed of himself.

“No Liam, no!” I grabbed his face in my hands and looked at him closely, “No Liam.”

“How could I hurt someone I love so much?” He cried looking into my eyes. Did he just say he loved me?

“You love me?” I smiled through the tears.

“Damn it Zayn!” He said kicking the sink behind me. “Yes, yes! I love you so much, from the moment we kissed that day I couldn’t ever look at you the same way I love you!” He said crying even harder. I looked into his eyes then pressed my lips against his blocking out everything.

“I love you Liam! I have loved you from that same day but was too afraid to say anything!” I sobbed.

“I was afraid I would make everything awkward.” Liam laughed then kissed me again. “Oh Zayn! I love you, I love you, I love you!” He sang kissing me again. “I love you.”

“Liam shh!” I giggled touching his face. “I love you too.”

“Then why did you do this?” Liam asked touching my arm. For a minute I had forgotten about my freshly cut arm. 

“I don’t wanna say.” I looked away. I couldn’t tell Liam it was because he made me feel like he didn’t love me. It would hurt him too much. Liam was way to sensitive it would kill him to know he caused me this much pain. 

“Cause I said I was thinking about a girl, and hurt you.” Liam stroked my cheek. “Zayn I’m so sorry.” He looked away trying to avoid my eyes.

“Liam don’t.” I said touching his lips. “It’s not your fault. I was just, humiliated and I felt like I made a fool in front of someone who didn’t love me as much as I love them.” I whispered slowly. 

“I’m so sorry.” He looked at me with so much sadness it hurt, I wish I never told him that. Liam wasn`t the one who caused the pain. It was being for being such a dumb person for cutting myself.

“Liam, no you didn’t do anything.” I objected. He couldn`t just blame this on himself.  If I wasn't blaming him then why should he?

“Will you stop with that?! I did, I was such a jerk!” He said loudly. This was so Liam. He would just take the blame for anything and punch himself for it.

“No Liam! Will you stop with what you’re doing?! You did nothing! You understand me?” I said grabbing his shoulders. “You could never do something.” I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close. Liam was one of the most caring guys on the entire planet. If there was any reason for my pain, it was just because of myself.


Niall’s POV

I didn’t sleep well, didn’t sleep well at all. How could those boys be such jerks and not even give a shit about what they were saying? They had no respect what so ever. It pissed me off completely. I stumbled down the stairs to where they were all sitting in the living room with plates of pancakes in their laps. Well thanks for waiting for me guys.

“Niall!” Zayn put his plate down and came over to hug me. “Look mate, about last night.” He started but I wasn't in the mood for any of it.

“Save it.” I pushed him out of the way and walked into the kitchen.

“Niall wait!” Zayn called, Harry got up too and came after me in the kitchen. Couldn't they just leave me alone for awhile? I really didn't want to speak to them about this.

“Look mate, we’re really sorry about what we said last night.” Harry began but again I didn't let him finish. 

“SORRY? You’re sorry?! You should have thought about what you said before you spoke your rubbish!”

“NIALL JAMES HORAN HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?!” My mother’s voice boomed at me. Well that's just peachy. I did nothing except tell the boys how rude they were for calling a girl fat, and caring about nothing but looks.

“Gosh Mom, you’re angry with me? You should have heard what these guys were saying yesterday!” I yelled.

“Look dude we said we’re sorry! You don’t even really know the girl!” Zayn shouted.

“Like you know her better! From the time I spent with her on the train there was so much different about her. You will never understand because you don’t have a heart. You just look for any slut that comes walking around; you don’t give a shit if she’s nice or smart or anything. ALL YOU CARE FOR IS LOOKS.” I spat at him. I couldn’t take standing in this house for one more minute. I stomped out of the house and into the cold winter air. I needed some time to clear my head. John’s house was just around the block, It was only 10am. He should be up by now. I walked quickly through the cold air and arrived at John’s house. I walked up to the door and rang the door bell.

“Oh, hey mate. What’s up?” He asked opening the door and letting me in.

“Can I come in?” I asked, it was absolutely freezing now and I knew it was a bad idea to not wear a proper jacket.

“Yeah yeah, hurry it’s cold outside.”

“No shit Sherlock.” I mumbled as I entered his warm home. I was the one standing outside. I knew it was cold, he didn't have to tell me.

“Dude, why so uptight?” He asked noticing the edge in my voice. Niall, you really should tone down your anger just a little. John did nothing to you.

“Ahh man the boys are just. Ugh.” I groaned.

“Tell Dr.John I’m here for you.” He grinned leading me into the kitchen.

“Well you remember that girl Wafa I was telling you about right?” I asked taking a seat by the table.

“Yeah, what about her?” He asked grabbing some juice from the fridge.

“So I told the boys about her, and well Zayn and Harry made a complete joke about it. Cause you know how shes not skinny right?”  John nodded, “Well they make such a big deal about that. A girl doesn’t have to be skinny. In fact, I’m perfectly fine if the girl I date is not skinny. I just want the girl to have a good heart and be nice, but then they laughed at me when I told them that. Like it’s some sin if a girl is fat! Who the hell do they think they are? It’s crazy that they would think like that.”

“Did they apologize?” John asked handing me a glass of orange juice.

“Yeah, but-”

“But what, Niall they realized they’re mistake. Yeah they were complete jerks at first, but atleast they understood they were wrong right?” He looked at me and smiled. They were my best friends. And I knew their intentions were right. They just wanted me to be happy I guess and thought that I could have a prettier girl. 

“Ugh that’s not fair though.” I mumbled.

“What’s not fair?” John asked raising his eyebrows.

“That you’re right.” He grinned and I got up and gave him a hug, “Thanks mate, I just needed someone to talk to. You said the right thing.”

“Well I am Dr.John aren’t I?” He laughed. John always knew what to say, he was great at that.

“I love you man, see you Friday!” I called before closing the door and running back to my place. I was trying to spend the as little time in the cold as possible. I hated the cold.

I walked up the pathway towards my home and opened the door which was left unlocked. “Niall, look we’re so, so, so sorry!” Zayn and Harry both said as I entered into the house.

“Guys I’m sorry too! I should have accepted your apology in the morning. I don’t know I was just upset.” I quickly said. I was rude and shouldn't have been so mean to them. My mother would probably be giving me a talking about my behaviour later.

“We were such jerks though, we deserve it.” Zayn said getting up.

“No you didn’t deserved that much. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry man, only we need to be sorry.” Harry smiled hugging me.

“I don’t wanna ruin our time together guys. I just really kind of liked her.” I said hugging Harry back, then Zayn

“We’re sorry we judged her.” Zayn smiled.

“It’s alright, we all make mistakes right?”

“Oh boy, do we ever.” Louis said coming into the living room. We all burst into a hoot of laughter; Louis always knew how to make us laugh. I was glad to be back with the boys, and have all that crazy drama put aside. We were just going to relax now and hang out like boys should do.


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