Nandos & Waffles

When Wafa meets Niall on a train in England she leaves a lasting impression on the boy. Something about her was just so different, leaving him wanting more. When Niall comes to Canada with his band he meets Wafa at a signing and he couldn't help but ask her out. In no time at all the two are in love but the mistakes Niall makes on the way are hard to forget. At the same time, Zayn and Liam have finally found love for each other but find it hard to share with the rest of the boys. Same with Harry and Louis as they go through the struggle to be in love yet still keep it a secret from not only their best friends, but the rest of the world too.

Yes, Ziam and Larry are gay in this fanfiction but I would like to let you know that it is all %100 fake and not real. The boys have suffered a lot of hate for being "gay" so please understand this is just for the storyline and is in not real in any way. Thank you! (: enjoy reading!


6. Feelings slipped


Liam’s POV

The sound of screaming girls was deafening as I moved through the crowed. I didn’t know how they all knew we were coming here today at this particular airport at this particular time. It was unbelievable how dedicated our fans were. They were honestly the best fans in the whole world and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Paul moved behind me, John and Louis grabbing our shoulders tightly. “Come on boys try to be quicker.” He held us together as we moved through our screeching fans. I glanced around frantically for Zayn but saw no sign of him.

“Paul where’s Zayn?” I asked squished in-between Louis and John. I was trying not to sound worried.

“I don’t know, probably with Harry and Niall.” Paul answered; his attention wasn’t quite focused on me he was looking over at some other guards making some type of signal.

“Paul I need to know where he is!” I said my voice rising louder than I expected. John shot me a weird look but I ignored him, I needed to make sure Zayn was alright. “Paul!” I was practically yelling now, I couldn’t see Zayn anywhere and it was freaking me out.

“Liam please! I have a job to protect you boys and that’s what I’m trying to do, please stay calm Zayn is probably with another guard.” Paul answered angrily. He wasn’t in a good mood today, probably because of the plane ride. It must have been really uncomfortable for him.

“Like you said your job is to protect us. Us as in all five of us, so where is Zayn?!” I pressed on. I looked around again and saw Niall’s blonde peaks behind us, Harry was also with him, but I still saw no sign of Zayn.  Paul didn’t answer me just kept pushing us along. “Paul please!” I pleaded trying to get his attention.

“Liam! Don’t worry alright? Zayn is perfectly fine, just stay calm.” John suddenly spoke. I looked at him and for some reason I believed him. I don’t know what it was but I stopped looking then, and just tried to relax.

“Okay.” I spoke quietly.

We were nearly at the exit door now, but that didn’t mean things were going to get any easier. An even larger group of girls were waiting outside of the airport all of them singing What Makes You Beautiful. I pulled out my iphone so I could capture this moment -the fans that did so much just to get a glimpse of us.

The van was waiting just by the front; the doors open so we would all quickly get in. I nearly tripped on the steps outside and my phone slipped out of my hand and dropped to the ground.

“Shit” I mumbled as I tried reaching down to pick it up, but Paul kept pushing us towards the van. “Paul wait!” I tried pushing him back but he was too tough.

“Liam what on earth?! Stop that!” He gave me a shove and I had no choice but to follow John and Louis into the back of the van. “Okay let’s go.” Paul ordered the driver as he got into the van after us.

“Wait! No! Zayn isn’t here yet!” I looked at Paul stunned. I glanced at the other two boys but they just sat quietly waving to the fans outside the window.

“Liam shut it! The rest of the boys will come in the other van behind us.” Paul locked the door and the van started to move.

“Paul stop this van! You can’t just split us up!” I looked at Paul anxiously hoping he would just change his mind and wait for the rest of the lads outside the airport. But he just turned away and ordered the driver to move quicker past the mob of girls.


I paced frantically across the hotel room floor. Zayn still wasn’t here yet. John sat on the bed and was now flipping through some French channels on the TV. Louis was down in the lobby greeting some of our fans along with Paul. Why was everyone so relaxed?!

“Ugh where are they?!” I looked up at the clock, it had been about 17 minutes since we arrived here and Zayn was nowhere in sight. The other boys hadn't returned either, I was worried about them too, but Zayn was my main focus.

“What is it with you?!” John asked annoyed.

“What do you mean?” Couldn’t he see that I was worried about Zayn? I mean come on, he still hasn't arrived, shouldn't he be worried too?

“You’re acting like you and Zayn are like some couple and you just lost him. Just chill man, he’s alright.” A couple… I hadn’t realized how I was acting; I looked at John not knowing what to say to him. “Oh. My. Gosh.” His jaw dropped to the floor. “You are a couple!” He jumped off the bed in excitement. 

“No, no we aren’t!” I denied moving to the other side of the room. I should have at least toned myself down a bit. The way I was acting was so, so crazy!

“Liam c’mon! I’m not stupid or anything, it all makes so much sense now!” He grinned at me.

“No.” I looked away trying to avoid his eyes. 

“YES YES YES!” He pressed on.

“No, no. NO!” I yelled in frustration. I had basically given out the fact that we were gay when Zayn and I promised to keep it a secret.

“Liam.” John looked at me and smiled.

“You can’t tell a single soul. No one and I mean no one except Zayn, you and I know about this alright?” I moved closer to him making sure he knew that I meant business.

“I swear I won’t tell anyone.” He said backing away.

“Good.” I sighed. It felt kind of good telling someone, but that didn’t mean I was ready to tell the whole world. Keeping it bottled inside was pretty tough and now finally getting it out relief filled me.

“So how did all happened?” He asked taking a seat back on the bed.

“Uhm… On the train ride here.” I lied not wanting to give him detail about that night I found Zayn cutting. It would only make things so much more complicated and that's exactly what I didn't want.

“Well that’s cute.” John smiled.

There was a knock on the door, I placed my fingers on my lips making sure he knew to keep quiet. John nodded then motioned towards the door. I moved across the thin carpet and unlocked the hotel door.

“Liam!” Zayn smiled walking in, without thinking I grabbed his face and smashed our lips together. To see him again was just great, I was so worried about him.

“Oh Zayn! I was so worried about you! You could have called or something gosh Zayn you had me worried sick, and then Paul was being a douche not wanting to pick us up in the same van and ugh it was all such a mess.” I spoke quickly tripping over my words.

“Liam, Liam calm down, please. I’m okay, you worry too much” Zayn laughed, “And how could I call you when you dropped your iPhone?” He handed it to me and smiled.

“How did you get this?!” I asked hugging him tightly.

“Oh well I was calling you, and I heard it ringing in a fans hand, I asked her for it and she gave it to me then fainted… So then I gave her friend an autograph and wrote thanks too, just because she was so sweet and all.” He smiled kissing me.

“Oh well I’m so glad you’re okay.” I said stroking his cheek. Zayn’s eyes darted toward the back of the room and he suddenly looked super nervous. “What’s wrong?” I asked looking back and then noticed John awkwardly sitting on the bed.

“Shit Liam.” Zayn looked away.

“It’s okay, he kind of knows since I made a huge scene about finding you and he promised to keep it a secret.” I blushed.

“You made a scene because you couldn’t find me?” Zayn laughed

“Oh hell yeah, this guy was making so much trouble for Paul, you should have seen him!” John laughed walking over. “Anyways, I’m going to go find Niall since we’re going to be sharing a room and all. Enjoy your time boys!” he waved and was out of the room.

Harry’s POV

“LOUUUUUEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled as I entered the lobby, he was taking a couple pictures with some fans.

“OH MY GOSH LOOK ITS HARRY!” They screamed running over to where I was standing. Louis grinned as he approached me.

“Hello there curly.” He said hugging me.

“WE ARE WITNESSING A LARRY EMBRACE!” One of the girls screeched. Louis immediately parted away from me. These girls were just crazy, if they knew about us actually being together the world would never be the same. 

“Can we please get a picture with both of you together?” One of the girls asked, pulling her friend along with her.

“Sure love, what’s your name?” Louis asked. The girl just stood gaping at Louis.

“Her names Tee-Tee.” Her friend finally spoke giggling. “And I’m Lyla” She smiled

“Oh well there’s no need to be nervous Tee-Tee!” I smiled giving her a hug.

“Oh my gosh, Harry I love you!” Tee-Tee smiled wrapping her arms tightly around me.

“Awwh, we love our fans too!” I squeezed next to Louis with Tee-Tee beside me and Lyla beside Louis.

“Okay on the count of three” Paul held the camera and smiled, “1-2-”

“CARROTS!” Louis screamed and Paul snapped the picture.

“Great picture!” Paul smiled handing the camera to Lyla.

“Can we get a picture with you too Paul?” Lyla asked taking the camera from Paul.

“Me?” He looked at her shocked. 

“You’re such a big part of One Direction!” Tee-Tee smiled. The only fandom who actually cared about our security guard. 

“Come on Paul!” Louis took the Camera from Lyla’s hand and motioned for the girls to get in next to Paul.

“Alright then.” Paul agreed putting his arm around their shoulders. Louis snapped a quick picture then handed the camera over to Tee-Tee.

“There you go love.” He smiled

“Uhm, Harry can we ask you one more thing?” Tee-Tee asked tapping my shoulder.

“Yeah babe, shoot.” I said smiling.

“Uhm… Could I touch your hair?” She asked nervously.

“My hair?” I laughed, “Sure babe” I leaned down allowing Tee-Tee to run her hand over my hair.

“OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!” She squealed.

“Lyla! Tee-Tee! Come on we have to go!” A girl who looked about our age yelled from the front doors.

“ugh, sorry Harry we have to jet! Thank’s again so much you guys!” They gave Paul, Louis and I one last hug and ran out towards their car.

“Okay boys enough interacting with the fans, you need some rest before your big signing tomorrow.” Paul said pushing us towards the elevators.

“But Paul, there’s still so many fans waiting!” Louis moved back trying to get a few more autographs done.

“LOUIS LISTEN TO PAUL!” One of the buffer guys on our management team ordered. I glanced over at Paul who just shrugged and mouthed I’m Sorry.

It sucked how the management didn’t let us have that much time with our fans. I mean Paul was so nice, he let us do whatever we wanted. He got in trouble for that a couple of times, but we wouldn’t let anything happen to him. He was such a big part of the band now. They couldn’t get rid of him.

“Come on!” Louis wined as we neared the elevator.

“Look Louis, with those other guys around you’re going to have to behave.” Paul whispered.

“But I just wanna see my fans!” Louis huffed.

“Louis! Come on, listen to the guy.” I nudged him. He glanced over at me and sighed.

“Okay, I’m sorry Paul.” Louis patted Paul on the shoulder.

“Damn it Harry, how do you do that?” Paul asked

“Do what?” I laughed

“Get Louis to listen to you so quickly.” Paul smiled.

“Oh it’s just cause I love Harry.” Louis grinned, “I don’t love you Paul.” Oh this boy was going to get punched.

“Mhmm, I’m sure you don’t.” Paul laughed as the elevator doors opened to our floor.

“I’m just joking with you! I love you Paul you’re a great man.” Louis hugged Paul from behind as he tried to exit the elevator.

“Alright! Alright! Much love to you too Louis, now please let go of me!” Paul grabbed Louis and moved him off of him.

“Oh I know you love it.” He winked before skipping down the hall.

“That boy is a handful.” Paul laughed watching Louis do some girly jumps and give a little twirl as well.

“He is, oh he is.” I laughed with him. “I’ll see you later alright?” I waved him goodbye then quickly ran after Louis grabbing him from his waist.

“Oh Curly are we in a mood for play?” Louis winked.

“Oh goodness Lou, we need some rest tonight.” I giggled.

“Oh come on.” Louis spoke in a low seductive whisper. Just then one of the doors opened, I quickly let go of Louis and watched as Zayn and Liam walked out of the room.

“Hey boys.” I smiled, noticing they were holding hands.

“Oh hey” Liam muttered letting go of Zayn’s hand.

“Where are you two lovebirds headed?” Louis smiled batting his eyelashes.

“Lovebirds? Us? No! We’re just two friends going for a snack.” Liam answered quickly. He looked a little nervous. Zayn nudged him in the stomach and shot him a look.

“Would you guys like something?” he asked calmly.

“No we’re good.” Louis answered then led me away from them.

“That was a bit odd don’t you think?” I asked as he unlocked our room door.

“What?” He asked pulling me into the room.

“Liam, he was acting so weird.”

“Oh it’s nothing baby.” Louis smiled then kissed me gently.

“Didn’t you notice anything?” I asked pushing him away.

“No.” Louis said kissing me again.

“Are you sure?” I asked pushing him away again.

“Harry!” Louis looked at me hurt. He moved away from me and went and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Louis no, look I’m sorry I just thought they were acting weird.” I went and grabbed his hand. “Please don’t be angry, I’m sorry.”

“Forget it.” Louis moved away.

“Louis please.” I pleaded sitting beside him. “I’m sorry.” I looked into his blue eyes and kissed him hard.

“I guess I can’t stay mad at you.” Louis giggled. Then grabbed my face and kissed me back. 

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