Summer Dreams

I've got to get away. Save myself from what lies ahead and save me in general. This story is about Kelly and her life being at risk until she meets HIM now what else can she possibly do? Who can change her destiny?


1. Who Am I?

KELLY!!! Screamed my older sister.

Coming Penny! I yelled back as I thought to myself what else could I possibly need to do. I must get to her before she brings out the vacumm cleaner pole and I need to bring out my crutches again.

What is it Penny? I asked. Go prepare party food for my party and prepare a bath for me while your at it, I must look beautiful because Kyle and all the other hot jocks are coming tonight. She demanded, also you know which are my new best clothes don't you Kelly?

Yes slut, I mumbled under my breath but not quiet enough because as soon as it was dead silent she walked towards the knife block in the kitchen. I bolted up the stairs into the bathroom, locked the door and started on her bath.

I came out after it was her bath was drawn knocked on her door to let her know she could bath now while I prepared her clothes and dishes to go on the party table.

My parents died when I was 12. I ended up living with my sister who was only 14 at the time. It's now 4 years on and I still get treated like dirt but it isn't only my sister that treats me that way it's also everybody else.

I have black hair and green eyes I'm about 5"7 which makes me pretty tall and I am clasified as a rate of 8 out of 10 on a beauty scale but still everyone hates me and I also am one of the nicest people you could possibly meet.

Penny my sister has brown hair, blue eyes, is about 5"9 and is about 2 times prettier than me and is an absolute bitch if I do say so myself.

I still have to do what she says though I am to scared of her to do something I might regret. The only thing I like about her is she lets me have the two things I care about most apart from my life, Kingdom Hearts and my music.
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