Summer Dreams

I've got to get away. Save myself from what lies ahead and save me in general. This story is about Kelly and her life being at risk until she meets HIM now what else can she possibly do? Who can change her destiny?


6. Niall!

The boy I saw before came into the room I was in. He asked me how I was feeling and if I was ok once again.

Im fine, I answered as I pulled myself into a sitting position. My back hurts a lot less now. I stated. We gave you a fresh bandage and put antiseptic in the wound to keep it from getting infected. If you hadden't collapsed I would of helped you inside and offered it to you but you had a lot of blood loss which is why you collapsed. Im Niall by the way, whats your name? He asked. My name is Kelly and thank you for bringing me inside.

Why were you out there Kelly? He asked me. I had to get away from my sister. She has hurt me enough. For starters she stabs me in the back, kicks me till I can barely walk and then there is when I can't walk because she hits me accross the legs with a vacumm cleaner pole. I replied balling my eyes out but I stopped when Niall hugged me to make me feel better. I just froze unable to move.

He let go of me and stepped back, my eyes were light and bright but my face in a normal shocked position. He went to the draw and took out a pair of light blue jeans and a grey top with a rainbow peace sign on the front of it. He gave them to me and said that it I needed anything to go downstairs and ask. Thank you Niall this means so much to me, I said as I struggled to give him a hug. He left the room and I got changed into the very pretty and comfortable clothes.

I went down stairs and Niall's face lit up as he saw me. Wow you look wonderful he said as I sat down on the oposite side of the table and faced him. I love you accent Niall, I said nervously as I blushed. Thank you Kelly he said in response. Is there anywhere we can take you Kelly, Mrs Horan asked me. If not you're allowed to stay with us, I would prefer if you did stay with us.

I have no where to go unfortunatly. I would appreciate staying with you even if it's only for a few days. Thank you for offering to take care of me I will try and pay you back I promise. I said with gratitude.
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