Summer Dreams

I've got to get away. Save myself from what lies ahead and save me in general. This story is about Kelly and her life being at risk until she meets HIM now what else can she possibly do? Who can change her destiny?


2. Music

When I say Penny lets me keep my music, I actually mean she lets me sing when I want because she loves my singing voice. Even when I'm sick she loves my singing. She hates me but she absolutely loves it but I don't know why. In my opinin my voice is nothing special but at least I am thankful she likes some part of me.

I have been feeling so lost in my music lately and all I seem to think about is why does every one else seem to have someone but me? The only time I ever feel like im wanted is when I'm at school with my friends Natalie (Roxas in KHRP) and Tarina. (Saix in HKRP) I am Axel in Kingdom Hearts Role Playing, that doesnt matter though.

Now as a job which I've had since two years ago, I work at a karaoke club which I do get paid for luckily. I am the one who ends and begins the night with a song and I also get to fix the music for the machine and the lyrics on the TV.

Because I sing love songs best, all I ever think about are my summer dreams. Sometimes in my dreams I just stand there on a beach watching the sunset, rain or shine, when all of a sudden the the boy I love turns me around and kisses me but I never knows who it is or what happens before that scene in the story.

I would love it if I knew the first scene of my summer dreams, but I fret over this one song I sing while I just stand there. I know the words to the part I see of the song but I don't know the rest of it. Also I wish I knew what the song was called.

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