Summer Dreams

I've got to get away. Save myself from what lies ahead and save me in general. This story is about Kelly and her life being at risk until she meets HIM now what else can she possibly do? Who can change her destiny?


4. I'm Gone!

I packed my school-bag with a bottle of water, money which I had to go through my cupboard for in the secret compartment, my phone which my sisters number was blocked on, a torch and a couple of energy bars. I also packed a jacket but it wasn't a good one it just kept me a little bit warmer.

As soon as Penny had started her party I wrote a note saying " I'm Gone And You Will Never Find Me " left it on my bed and cautiously climbed out my window letting out silent yelps of pain because of the stab wound in my back.

When I got down with the help of Willow the tree I started to jog away from the house where could I go, I thought to myself can't go to Roxas's house she will know I went there and I can't go to Saix's either. So I started down a few unfamiliar roads some I didn't even know exsisted. I had left at 10:00 at night and just kept walking until I turned up at Spyl Park where I went to sit on a swing. I just sat there for about 2 hours then I headed off again.

I walk for hours after hours and only just had the sun started to rise. A police car drove past me and I went into a panic but luckily they wern't after me. About 10 minutes after the police car drove by it began to rain. I put my jacket on but now it did nothing to help me. I just kept walking getting sicker and sicker until I stopped to look at the most beautiful neighbourhood which I was standing right in the middle of.

I think it was called Sovernt Hill but I wasn't sure but I remember seeing this one house directly oposite the sunrise and a park. I sat down at a picnic table opened up one of my energy bars took a bite and then wanted to toss it away but instead I put it back in my bag unknowing if I might ever need it. Then I just sat there staring at the sky it was beautiful apart from the dark rain clouds but the rain made it look that much prettier.
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