Summer Dreams

I've got to get away. Save myself from what lies ahead and save me in general. This story is about Kelly and her life being at risk until she meets HIM now what else can she possibly do? Who can change her destiny?


5. Confused?

I wait at the picnic table just staring at the sky. All of a sudden I hear a fly screen door open and close. I look around to see who it was but I couldn't see anyone anywhere. I got out my mirror to see how sick I looked. I was so pale but out of the corner of my eye I saw this boy looking down from a verana at the sunset and then looking at me time and time again with a confused face.

Suddenly I see his whole face and I think he noticed the mirror cause when I saw his whole face he stared straight back at me. He had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He left the view of the mirror and a sigh of relief swept over me, until I heard someone with an Irish accent ask me if I was ok. I turned around to answer and there he was looking even better in person than mirror view.

I'm ok I guess, I replied as I got up to step backwards but almost hit my back on the picnic table and as soon as I hit it I feel to the ground.

I woke up in a dry and warm room covered in blankets. Instantly I heard voices in the hallway and a lady peered her head in through the door. Oh your awake she stated as she saw me. Excuse me for asking but where am I? I asked with a very confused look on my face. My son carried you into our house after you collapsed. My I know you name miss? I asked. Oh I'm Mrs Horan. What is you name? My name is Kelly.

Would I be able to get you anything Kelly? Mrs Horan asked me. No thank you Mrs Horan but may I please talk to your son I would like to know about the person who cares enough to carry me into their home. Of course Kelly I'll send him in.
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