Never Forgotten

This is a sequel to Never Forget Me
Hope you guys enjoy .(;
This ones of a thriller , it'll leave you gasping .


5. Torturing

You desurved to be tortured , you have ended your own life because you are stupid .
You pulled the gun off your bed and hung it over your head to face your back .
You shut your eyes and pulled the trigger .
You felt he sharp pain of the bullet taking its place deep in your back and felt your legs go numb . You fell I the ground laying there for a moment wore everything darkened .
Niall's POV
We had been in interviews all day .
As soon as I got back to the bus I pulled out my phone I see many calls and texts from her ,
Aww she's so sweet . You called her .
"Hello .?" that wan her voice , who had her phone .? "Um I need to speak to Alex ."
You heard a soft sob , "I'm sorry but here's been an incident an Alex , well Alex committed suicide . Shes in a coma and paralyzed ." your heart sank . You dropped the phone and ran to Paul . You explained it all and he gave you permission to flu back .
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