Never Forgotten

This is a sequel to Never Forget Me
Hope you guys enjoy .(;
This ones of a thriller , it'll leave you gasping .


4. The gun

There it was , on the top shelf hidden behind some boxes .
The small black hand gun . Still loaded .You had it in case of emergency and a broken heart was jut that . All it woul take was the pull of one tiny little trigger and all the pain was over .
You hated yourself for falling in love , you did this to yourself .
You desurved this , you grabbed the gun and sat it down on your bed .
You pulled out a pen and notebook and started your final goodbye note
Dear mom & dad ,
I no longer DESURVE to live .
Niall is my everything and he has stopped talkin to me ,
There's nothing left in this world for me .
I've done this to myself , please feel no guilt .
I loved you guys , but now Niall takes up my entire heart . I have no room for any others . It is time for me to go , I'm sorry I put this upon us .
Goodbye .
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