Never Forgotten

This is a sequel to Never Forget Me
Hope you guys enjoy .(;
This ones of a thriller , it'll leave you gasping .


7. Suicide myself .

You were still trying to escape .
Would you ever get back to him ?
Had he left yet ? I need him .
He spoke again "If you don't wake up I might just have to commit suicide myself ."
No .!! I couldn't be the cause for his death .
I must wake up .!! I fought back doubling my strength , I fought an fought .
Until finally , my eyes flittered awake . I turned my head to the left to see hi
, he was still here . I loved him .!!
Him , my mom , my dad , my grandma and grandpa all sworn around me .
I jut looked at Niall and smiled . I had my Nialler back .
Niall's POV
There she was , finally awake . I hadn't lost her , my princess wa back to me .
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