Never Forgotten

This is a sequel to Never Forget Me
Hope you guys enjoy .(;
This ones of a thriller , it'll leave you gasping .


6. In a coma

Niall's POV
I walked into her room .
And there she was , so many tubes comin from her it was crazy .
Her room was covered in balloons and flowers . But the thing you noticed the most , was her lifeless body laying there . Why would she do such a thing .?
A tear rolled down your eye , you sat there for hours before working up the courage to speak "Hey princess , it's me . Niall . I need you to wake up and come we me ."

Your POV
You were In black pit .
Nimater where you ran or what you did al there was was darkness .
Many family members had come to visit , you could hear them but couldn't get out of the darkness to talk back , when you heard his voice "Hey princess , it's me . Niall . I need you to wake up and come see me " he was the reason this en happened .
He was here !
I had to wake up and come see him , but there was no way out .
Running , jumping , I couldn't get out , I couldn't speak .
I wa stuck in this pit .
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