Never Forgotten

This is a sequel to Never Forget Me
Hope you guys enjoy .(;
This ones of a thriller , it'll leave you gasping .


8. A happy year

I got out of the hospital a week later and me and Niall moved Ito an apartment together , he made me promise not to do anything like that again .
For the last year we had been living together , we went on picnics and to concerts , and the park .
We had such a happy life now .
One might he took me to a restaurant 80 floors high , we sat there In the fanciest restraint I'd eve been to . I was wearing a blue satin , sleeveless sees that cut off right about my knees . It ha small diamonds on it and was worth more than I likes to say , I matched it with a pair of white heels and had my hair pinned to one side wih machine diamonds in it .
Niall was lookin gorgeous in his tux .
I had been wondering why we were having such a fancy dinner when he got on te floor , kneeled down and pulled out a ring .
"Alex , you are the love of my life , my only sunshine .
Will you please officially become my princess ?"
"Of course I will Niall !!"
This had been the best night of your entire life .
A couple months later you sat at your table with Niall planning your wedding . The only thing left to do was did your dress , Yiu were thinking of where to gy it when Niall spoke up "Baby , I need to tell you something ." He looked serious so you stared into his
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