Look After My Heart - I've Left it With You

Lesley went through a lot back home. Stuff that is just too hard to forget. But then she meets Niall. Will he be able to break through the walls that she's built?

heyy all!!! this is my first fan-fic so if you could comment suggestions and feedback that would be fantastic!!! i wont be able to post new chapters very often cause i have exams soon but i should be able to post lots when the holidays come soon!!! thanks!!! (: xxx


2. Chapter 2 - His eyes were just so mesmerising

I woke up in a strange bed. My best friend, Kelsey, was sitting beside my bed with Beau in her arms. They were both asleep. I could see a bruise on Kelsey's face. I wondered where she got it from. I tried to sit up to see if that would help me think better, but a sharp pain stabbed me in my stomach. That made it all come back to me. I started to cry, which just made the pain in my stomach worse. As I cried, I heard footsteps, running footsteps, come towards me. When they stopped, the door to the room was gently pushed open and I saw the blonde guy from One Direction that I met the other day. He slowly walked to the bed and kneeled beside it. He looked straight at me, and I saw those incredible blue eyes again.
'Are you okay?' he quietly asked, 'Do you need anything?'
I gave my head a slight shake and closed my eyes again. The pain was too much.
After about 20 minutes the pain started to subdue and I tried opening my eyes again. The blonde was right where he was before. I heard stirring on the other side of the bed and turned to see Kelsey waking up. She smiled when she saw that I was awake and then gently stood up, and with Beau in her arms, she walked out of the room.
I wondered where she was going and then thought that she was probably finding a place for Beau to lie down.
After a bit I decided that I was going to make conversation with this angel who was still kneeling beside my bed, as it seemed that he wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon.
'I'm Lesley,' I managed to say weakly.
'I know,' was all that he said in reply.
He wouldn't stop staring at me. And I have to say, I couldn't stop staring at him either. He was just so handsome. And his eyes were just so mesmerising. I reckon that I could look into them for days and not get bored.
'I'm sorry,' I mumbled, 'But I've forgotton your name.'
I quickly averted my gaze but out of the corner of my eye I saw him smile.
'I'm Niall,' he said. After a short pause he continued, 'You hit the ground quite hard, why don't you sleep for a while longer. I'll come back in little while with some food.'
With that he lifted himself off the floor and headed out the door. I pretended to close my eyes, but I watched him as he turned just before he fully closed the door. He looked at me one last time, and then quietly turned and shut the door behind him.
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