Look After My Heart - I've Left it With You

Lesley went through a lot back home. Stuff that is just too hard to forget. But then she meets Niall. Will he be able to break through the walls that she's built?

heyy all!!! this is my first fan-fic so if you could comment suggestions and feedback that would be fantastic!!! i wont be able to post new chapters very often cause i have exams soon but i should be able to post lots when the holidays come soon!!! thanks!!! (: xxx


1. Chapter 1 - Maybe these boys won't be so bad

I walked into the radio station on a saturday afternoon.

Great, I thought, another interview with more stuck up celebrities. I went to get a coffee and then sat down in my chair. I put on my cheerful radio voice and wished all our listeners a good afternoon. I announced who our special guests were this afternoon and then started to play their new single. They walked in as I listened. I stood up and introduced myself and they told me their names with a big hug. I was slightly baffled but I didn't show it.

The song finished and I announced: 'Ladies and gentlemen, here in the studio we have the boys from One Direction!'

All the boys laughed and I started to relax. Maybe these boys won't be so bad. They each introduced themselves again, this time to the listeners, and then I started the interview. After about 20 minutes of chatting we said goodbye. I was glad that it was over. Now I could go pick up Beau and head home for a nice relaxing afternoon. As I left though, I heard a voice that sent a shiver down my spine. It was Sam. He didn't sound very happy.

Sam is the man that I live with. He isn't very nice but he has cheap rent. I headed towards his voice and saw him just as he slapped my best friend. I quickly ran up to stop him from slapping her a second time. He snickered when he saw me. He threw a bag at me, hard. Then he leaned forward so that his mouth was next to my ear. I could smell the alchohol in his breath. It was very strong.

'Don't think of coming back,' he whispered. He then drew back a little and punched me in the stomach. I fell to the floor, doubled over in pain. The last thing I remember is hitting my head on the floor as I fell, and then I saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes. After that though, everything just went black.

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