Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


4. The Rehearsal

When the van stopped we all jumped because we had sorta drifted to sleep. Then we all hopped out of the car. Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall all ran for a big door probably leading to the theater. But then I realized Zayn hadn't ran ahead like the rest of the boys, he had stayed behind to walk with me! Can you say AW! I looked over at him and grabbed his hand so my fingers would interlock with mine.
He looked over at me and said " You look beautiful Alex "
" Thank you Zayn but you don't have to say that" I told him getting lost in his eyes
Then he stopped walking and put the hand I wasn't holding on my cheek.
" How can I not say it, you're beautiful Alex. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise" he said
" Thank you Zayn" I said as I kissed his cheek
" The boys are going to be looking for you lets go!" I said pulling him into a run
We headed for the door to the theater. When we got inside I looked around at the thousands of empty seats that would be full of screaming girls tonight.
"Woah" I whispered
" Yeah it's over whelming" Zayn said
Then Zayn told me to stay in the front row of seats to watch the Rehersal. I did as told. Then Zayn ran backstage.
The lights went off. It was completely dark. Then I heard footsteps. I barely saw the shadows of the five boys.
Then they started singing 'Na Na Na'!
While they were singing I noticed something. Something I've never seen before.
I noticed that they all looked so happy and free, like no cares in the world!
I've never seen Niall smile so big unless he's singing. It's his passion.
Just like Zayn, he loves to sing so much it's like his life! If someone took away singing it would be like taking away breathing it seems.
Then they went through all the rest of the songs. They did an amazing job! And to think now I got to sit right where I am now tonight when the concert starts!
I ran back stage and grabbed Zayn's arm, then I pulled him to the back where no one could see us.
I held his hand and looked in to his eyes and said " You did incredible Zayn. I've never seen you so happy!"
He said " Yeah I am very happy when I'm on stage but not as happy as I am when I'm with you"
I looked at him smiled and Zayn said " Come on what are you waiting for kiss me you fool!" then he winked at me
I wrapped my arms around his neck, stood up on my tip toes and kissed him.
" Zayn! Harry is coming! Alex! Come with me!!" Niall shouted
I immediately released my arms then ran over to Niall and he grabbed my wrist
" Thank you Niall" I said as we ran
" It's my pleasure because I've never seen Zayn so happy" he said sorta outta breath
Then Niall stopped running so I copied. Then Zayn and Harry came walking back
I heard someone yell " Alright boys that's a wrap fantastic job! Beautiful! Now go rest up and drink plenty of water for the show tonight!"
" Yes Sir!" Niall said saluting who ever had instructed them then he chuckled along with the others
We all got back in the van and I sat inbetween Zayn and Niall in the back again. All the boys were very tired and frankly I was too!
So we all decided to take a little power nap! A full hour of sleep next to my best friend and my boyfriend? Yeah that sounded perfect!
I was asleep for about forty-five minutes, then I noticed I had been sleeping on Niall's shoulder!
I looked up at Niall to see if he was sleeping but he obviously wasn't. Because when I looked up he looked away from the window and whispered " Hey there sleeping beauty! Actually you are much prettier than sleeping beauty"
" Hehe thanks Niall, oh! And I'm so sorry I must have moved while I was sleeping and my head landed on your shoulder" I said trying not to wake anyone even though these boys sleep like rocks except Niall of course
" Oh no it's okay I don't mind at all. I actually thought it was sweet" he whispered giving me that sweet Irish smile of his
" Okay," I said blushing " But how long were you asleep?"
" Oh.... About ten minutes" he said chuckling a little
" Was it because my head landed on your shoulder? Oh Niall I'm so sorry!" I whispered
" No, no, no don't be! It wasn't you! I just can't ever sleep basically!" he whispered with his kind eyes
" Okay and thank you so much for today Niall" I whispered as my hand soft.y touched his hair to fix it
" That? Oh that's nothing" he said shaking his head
" No it's not! I love you for what you did! And I just love you in general " I told him
His eyes lit up " Really?" he asked
" Yeah! And by the way you did amazing today! Why don't you have many solos though?" I asked in a hushed voice
" I'm not that great" he said looking out the window
I put my hand under his chin and pulled his head to look at me
" Niall don't ever say that! You have a voice of an angel!" I said in a whisper yelling sorta way
" Nah I'm not that good" he said looking at me
" Niall I swear I'm gonna slap you if you say that again!" I said giggling a little
" Alright alright let's not get violent!" he said chuckling
" thank you" I said leaning my head against his shoulder again
" Now for the last like fifteen minutes of this ride try and get some sleep okay? Because you have a concert tonight!" I whispered to him as I closed my eyes
" Alright angel " he whispered as he shut his eyes
By the time I woke up this time we were parked right by the tour bus
Everyone was still sleeping and apparently the driver took his own car and drove off!
I lifted my head up off of Niall's shoulder and looked around
Then Niall woke up
" I'm sorry" I said
" It's all good I need to get up anyway I'm hungry!" he said laughing
I started laughing with him
" I like your laugh" he said looking into my eyes
" Thanks" I said blushing
" Well what do you think? Shall I wake up these boys or shall you?" he asked
" Together?" I asked
" Together" he agree
" 1.....2.....3!" he said
Then we both screamed as loud as we could
They all woke up startled
Niall said " Oh yeah! High five A"
I slapped his hand
" What was that for I was having an awesome dream!" Harry said rubbing his head
" Dude it's four!" I said
" Dude! Wait what time?" Harry asked
" Four!" Liam shouted
" We have to get ready!" Zayn yelled in a panicky
" Well what are we all sitting here for then!" Louis screamed
They all jumped outta the van and ran for the bus

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