Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


11. The Nightmare

Swimming in the ocean..my worst fear which I had over come yesterday. Swimming out deep. Cold water trying to push me under its waves. Keep on swimming Alex I thought to myself. Wait. What is that pulling on my leg. I pulled my leg up but whatever was on my leg didn't want my leg to come up.. Shark was my first thought.
"Help! Somebody help! Please! Anyone!" I yelled at the top of my lungs
Then I saw it. The fin of the monster attacking me. It was a great white shark. No. Please. No.
My heart was pounding out of my chest. This can't be happening. Please. Help me I prayed.
" Alex.....Alex! Alex wake up! Alex!" Zayn yelled
" Ah!" I yelled as I shot up out of the sand
" Alex you're okay.. Everything is fine" Zayn said as he pulled me back down in the sand and cradled me
" no everything isn't fine.....I...I...I'm...." then I started crying
Zayn cradled me with his lips against my forehead
" Shhhh.....Alex... You're okay I'm here...you're safe. Do you want to tell me what happened in the nightmare?" Zayn asked
" I...I was swimming...I was really far out and I was really deep.....then I felt something on my leg....I tried pulling it up...but but then it pulled me back under.....then I saw it...it was about to..." I hurried my face into his chest
" You saw what Hun?" he asked
" The shark" I said as a chill went down my back
" Ah it's okay Alex you're here with me now. You're fine" he whispered
Then I looked over to where the boys slept. I saw them all starring at me. I felt embarrassed as ever. So I hid my face in Zayn's chest again to protect myself from the laughter that was going to come from the boys.
" Zayn they are going to laugh at me" I whispered so no one could hear me
" If they laugh at you, I will burry them under the sand alive" he whispered back
" Alex," I heard Harry say " We will never laugh at you, trust us"
" I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to wake you" I said wiping the tears from my eyes hoping my cheeks weren't puffy and red
" Sweetie if you say that I will burry you under the sand alive, we don't care if we wake up" Louis said
" Yeah all we care about is if you are okay" Liam said
" So, A, are you okay?" Niall asked in his sweet Irish accent
" Yeah I think I'm good, just, Zayn, don't let me fall asleep again please" I ordered as nicely as I could
" Alex you are fine, I won't ever let you have that nightmare again" Zayn said softly stroking my cheek
" Still. What time do you think it is?" I asked
" 2....maybe 3 in the morning" Liam said
" ugh" we all sighed
" Well I'm going back to sleep wake me if you need anything" Harry said
Then Niall, Liam, and Louis all drifted to sleep. I was still sitting up in Zayn's arms.
" Wanna lye down Alex?" Zayn asked
" I....guess" I studered
We both layed our heads on the sand. Then Zayn put his arm out flat and I decided to use it as a pillow, so I scotched up my head to his arm and he held me tight.
" Zayn? I'm scared" I whispered
" Alex....there's nothing to worry....about...just go to...sleeppp" he said just before he was taken under by sleep
I gently unraveled Zayn's arms from around me and got up. I decided to go take a walk. The moon light was light enough, so I could see.
I walked down to the water. I looked out at it. Thinking of how many people have had that same fear as I do of sharks. How many others are there? Lots is my guess.
I was probably a good 100 yards away from where the boys lay sleeping.
" where do you think you're running to?" I heard Niall's Irish voice
" The question is what are you running from?" now that was Harry's deep smooth voice
I turned to see them both shirtless still and glistening in the moonlight.
" How did you know I came down here?" I asked whispering
" First off there's no one here and no need to whisper and second we watched you come down here" Niall said
" So, why are you down here?" Harry asked
" I..I'm not really sure. I'm just running away from my fears I guess. What are you guys doing down here?" I asked
" We are your best friends, we know you, and want to help you" Harry said walking towards me
Niall followed.
" I'm really scared. I'm scared of a lot of things. And I'm really stressed. I'm dizzy, queasy, scared, nervous, sad, excited, tired, and afraid" I said
" woah! Slow down. Come on let's go sit and talk" Niall said guiding Harry and I down a little ways and pointing to where we would sit
"Why are you all those thing that took you five minutes to list off?" Harry asked with a chuckle
" Harry! This is serious! You doof!" Niall said pushing his shoulder so he tipped over
" Well I'm scared because of my dream, I'm stressed, dizzy, queasy, scared, and nervous because of what Zayn asked me, and I'm sad cause I won't see you guys for six months....starting tomorrow when you leave my house." I said
" What did Zayn ask you A?" Harry asked
" I can't say" I said looking into the water
" Alexandra! You tell us now or we will walk back to the bus right now and not say bye to you" Niall threatened
" Niall, you do know you're about as threatening as a baby penguin right?" I asked laughing a bit
" Alex!" Niall whined but then laughed with me
" Okay I'll tell you but you CAN NOT TELL ANYONE OKAY?" I stressed
" Alright" they both agreed
" Zayn, he asked me to marry him" I said looking at the two boys glisten in the moonlight
" What!" I heard two voices call out
I jumped up and looked to see who it was. It was Liam and Louis.
" Guys, please! You weren't suppose to hear that Louis, Liam please don't say anything! I'll explain! Just sit down please" I begged
They both starred at me in horror. Then louis began to slowly back away
" Louis, please. I'm begging you. Please. Liam?"
I looked over to where Liam was standing but he was running back to Zayn. No.
I ran as fast as I could towards Liam.
I was getting closer. Closer. Almost in my grasp. Yes!
I grabbed his arm and pulled it backwards.
He fell to the ground and I was on top of him. So basically I pinned him.
" Get off me Alex" he ordered
" Liam! I thought you would understand! I wasn't going to tell anyone but you! I didn't even want to tell my two best friends, just you. But now you've shown me I can you anything. So please just once, listen to me and do not say anything. Come back to where we were and I will explain everything. Kay?" I said in a serious tone
Then I realized I hadn't been this serious the entire time I've been with the boys
" He doesn't know what he's doing. He's in a trans or something. He can't get married. He just can't. And you're just as much of a fool as him if you said yes." he said struggling because I was sitting on his lungs
" You haven't heard the full story Liam so quit being an asshole and let me tell you. I'm going to let you up, but if you run, I will never forgive you." I said
I slowly got up off him, but I still kept his arm behind his back like cops do and I walked him back to where everyone except Zayn was sitting still in shock.
I threw Liam down on the sand and just stood there starring at them all.
" You Liam of all people! I thought I could trust you. But apparently not!" I shouted at him
" Alex I'm sorry it's just you guys are to young to get married! You haven't lived!" Liam yelled back
" You didn't let me finish! " I screamed at the top of my lungs
" You didn't let me finish" I repeated my self in a softer voice
" Alex I'm sorry, please finish" Niall said standing up and putting his arm around my shoulder
" Thank you Niall" I said calmly
" When he asked me I was in shock. I told him we were to young. So he said it didn't matter. He loved me. I told him to forget about it for atleast four or five years then we might have a wedding. But he said it doesn't matter as long as he knows no on else can have me." I said
" Alex, I'm sorry. But I don't support this at all." Liam said
" Trust me Liam. I don't either" I said hiding my face in my hands
" You've been dating for like three days A. You guys need time." Louis said
" I know. You don't think I've said these things over and over in my head" I said starting to raise my voice again but catching myself and lowering it
" You can't get married" Harry blurted out
" I know. But can we please change the subject? I'm tired of this one. Plus I'm going to talk to Zayn about it tomorrow. Then I will talk to you one by one about what happened so Zayn doesn't suspect anything" I said
" Okay, so what happened with this dream?" Harry asked
" Alrighty new subject please" I said feeling the chill down my back again
" Do you love Zayn?" Liam asked
" I...I'm not sure. " I whispered
" I know Alex its a lot to think about. But I'm sorry for running off like that. I was very wrong to do that. I just wanted to go and slap Zayn across the head to knock some sense into him" Liam explained
" Don't worry. If it was you I'd have done the same thing!" I said with a slight smile
" Now that we are all in agreement no one tells Zayn or speaks of anything that just went on, how bout we got back to bed" Niall suggested
We all agreed and went back to where Zayn lay in a deep sleep. I layed down next to him and before I knew it I woke up and it was morning.

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