Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


3. The Next Morning

When I woke up I looked over at Zayn and saw he was still sleeping. He looked so so.... Beautiful when he was sleeping. But if Zayn was sleeping that ment everyone else was to. Then I rolled over to look and the time on my phone. It was seven a.m. so that ment in three hours was the rehearsal, but Zayn said it was an hour away, so we'd probably leave at like eight thirty. I had time for a half hour jog!
I went through my duffle bag and got out sneakers, socks, hair elastic, and a tank top. I would just wear the same sweat pants I was in. Then I went into the bathroom, got changed, and brushed my hair and my teeth.
I tip toed past Zayn and Harry and to the door. Trying to be as quiet as I could I opened the door, jumped outside then slowly shut the door.
I always stretch for atleast five minutes before I go for a run, so I did exactly that. But when I was stretching I heard the door open. I jumped so high I thought I touched a cloud!
" I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you A" Niall said
" No it's okay I hope I didn't wake you" I said to him
" Oh no I've been up" he said
" Oh okay" I said sounding relieved
" So what are you doing out here?" I asked him
" Same as you I can out to go for a jog" he said
" Oh right! Do you do this every morning? You know scare girls then stretch then go for a jog?" I asked sarcastically
" As a matter a fact I only do it on concert days. And I did say sorry right?" he asked laughing a little
" Yeah you did. But how come only on concert days?" I wondered
" It's a good way to get out the stage fright" he said
" You have stage fright?" I asked
" Lots of it!" he told me
" So do you mind if I jog with you?" Niall asked me
" Not at all" I said
Then we started running.
I wanted to tell Niall about Zayn and I but I knew Zayn would be mad. But Niall was one of my best friends! I had to tell him! But I couldn't! But I was going to.
" Hey Niall? Can you keep a secret?" I asked
" Yeah why what's up?" he wondered
" Well if I tell you this you can't tell anyone, not Harry, Zayn, Liam, or Louis! Promise?" I asked
" I promise" he said back
" Okay it's just" I couldn't finish because Niall cut me off
" You and Zayn are dating" he said
I stopped running and just looked at him. Then he stopped and asked " What?"
" How'd you know?" I asked as I started running again
" Zayn dropped his phone this morning and I saw the text messages" he said as we turned around back to the bus
" Oh Zayn! " I said
" Yeah he can be stupid sometimes" he said
I nodded
" Thank you Alex" he said
" For what?" I asked
" For trusting me with your secret " he answered
" Oh well you know you're one of my best friends and I trust you" I told him
" Then why don't you tell Harry too?" he asked
" Cause he can't keep his mouth shut" I said laughing
" True true!" Niall said laughing with me
When we got back to the bus we tip toed back in and layed back down.
I wasn't tired anymore so I couldn't go back to sleep. So I played Temple Run and checked Facebook on my iPhone.
Then I heard someone get up I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Zayn. I smiled and he smiled back. Then Harry got up, then Liam, then Louis. Of course Niall hang gone back to sleep either so we pretended to have just woken up.
" Hey Alex sorry we didn't seem thrilled to see you last night it's just" Harry couldn't finish his sentence because I cut him off
" You were tired and worried about Zayn I get it it's okay" I told him
" You're the best A" Harry said with a smile
Then I walked outside and called mom
" Hey mom"
" yeah we had a great night"
" yeah I'm getting ready to go to the rehearsal "
" Yeah I'm walking to the tour bus and they will take me there"
" Love you too mom byee"
Then I hung up the phone walked back in and I saw all the boys eating.... Cereal.
Yep, the famous One Direction band was eating Cereal
I got a real good laugh from that!
I picked up a bowel and spoon, then got the Pops cereal, then poured some milk.
Then I sat down next to Niall and started eating. When we were all done and all the guys were getting dressed I texted Zayn and said meet me outside? -A
After I was dressed I snuck outside.
I sat in the grass outside the tourbus and waited for Zayn. Then he came out as quiet as a mouse, sat down next to me and said " Hi" with a smile
" Hi" I said giving him a sweet smile
Then I leaned over and gave him a kiss
" Ah I've been waiting all morning for that" he said with his eyes closed
Then my phone started vibrating
It was a text from Niall it said: Louis is coming outside hide!
I jumped up and pulled Zayn to his feet.
I whispered " Just play along"
Then the door opened and Louis came out he asked " What are you guys up too?"
" I asked Zayn to come out here and help me find my ring that must have fallen off last night when I came in" I said panicking a little
" Oh here let me help" Louis offered
Then I said " Oh no need here it is!"
Then I ran inside
I went over to Niall and whispered " Thank you"
Then he smiled and mouthed the words no problem...
In that moment I realized something. I realized that Niall was my best friend. He was always there for me. He'd always be there.
And I loved him for that
" Who's ready to go get our rehearsal started?!" Louis yelled out
" Yeah!" we all shouted
Then we were off
I sat in between Zayn and Niall on the ride there.
Niall whispered in my ear " You can give Zayn a kiss if you want I know he wants to give you one" then he winked
" Thank you Niall" I whispered back
Then I turned to Zayn and he turned to me
I looked into his eyes then kissed him right smack on the lips!
He looked over at Niall who was looking out the window and he whispered " I think Niall saw us"
" He told me to kiss you I was going to tell you but Niall knows, next time be more careful for your phone!" I said pretending to slap his face
Then Niall looked over and said " I won't tell, just be careful and don't be the stupid foolish Zayn" then he started chuckling
" Thanks Niall" Zayn said
Then we rode the rest of the way in silence

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