Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


12. The last day</3

I woke up and saw that no one was sleeping around me. Everyone was gone. I got up and looked around. I saw four heads in the water but where was the fifth?
" Looking for someone?" I heard Louis say
" Yeah the fifth person cause I only saw four in the water" I said
" Oh" he said looking at the sand
" Look Louis I'm sorry for last night. Are you mad at me?" I asked getting tired of talking bout this subject
" Alex lets not even talk about that okay? This is your last day with us and I want to make it as fun as possible okay? Okay. By the way I'm not mad at all. But dropping the subject" he said with a wink
" So why aren't you in the water with the rest of the guys?" I asked
" Becuase, I didn't wanna look like a fool trying to catch breakfast again, and because I wanted to talk to you" he answer pointing at the boys jumping and flailing there arms
" Talk to me about what?" I asked while giggling
" Okay, I know you are going to be against this, but I want to talk you for a swim. You and I are the best swimmers here and I wanna see if we can keep up with eachother" he said
" Louis, you know I can't. I just.....I know I should face my fear, but I just can't" I said shaking my head
" Alex please, if you go out in the water, I'll even let you watch me look like an ass trying to catch a fish along with the other lads. Huh? Come on! Pleaseeeee" he begged
" Louis I can't okay? I just can't" I said with memories flooding back
" Alex come on nothing will hurt you!" he said trying to pull me into the water
" Louis! Let me go!" I screamed trying to pry his hand off my arm
Luckily the boys were out to deep to hear my scream
" Alex you know you can tell me anything right? I mean I know we aren't the best of friends, but I do want to help you" Louis said taking his hand off me and softening his voice to a mellow tone
" Louis, I want to tell you but you'll think it's ridiculous, and" I cut myself off starting to hyperventilate because I was so scared
" Alex? Alex? Are you alright?" Louis asked starting to sound worried
" Ye...Ye...yeah, I'm fine I just need to sit down" I said slowly lowering myself down to the sand
Lou put his arm around me and whispered " Alex I wont tell anyone, but I understand if you don't want to tell me"
" You'll think it's stupid" I whispered
" Alex, believe me, I will never think anything like that about you" he said
" Okay well when I was little, about six or seven, my family and I went to the beach. My little brother and I decided to go out and swim. Since we both could swim very well even though I was seven and he was about four or five. Well we went out a little over our heads and we were playing around, s..splashing eachother and having fun. When out of no where his head went under. I thought he was just going to dunk his head, so I thought nothing of it and went under too. I opened my eyes under the water, and all I saw was red. Then I saw Dallas screaming or atleast trying to. That day, I watched my brother die from a 15 foot great white shark. I was never the same. We use to fight a lot and I knew it was okay cause we would apologize someday, but we never did. He was just taken so quick. I didn't even get to say goodbye. And for a seven year old to watch her little five year old brother be mauled right in front of her was unbearable. I watched him suffer. Sink to the bottom. When the shark was done with Dallas, it looked at me, stared even then just swam back out to the deep. I felt like it was trying to say you've taken so many of us and now I'm going to take away many of you" I ended and then realized I was shaking and crying
I looked over and Louis and saw he was crying too
" Alex, I had know idea, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me, but I can't believe you went through that" he whispered wiping the tears from his eyes
" Well now you know why I can't go in. But please just don't tell anyone and don't treat me any different. Just pretend like you never heard that. Okay?" I ordered
He nodded
" Hey! Morning beautiful! We caught some breakfast" I heard Zayn say
I quickly wiped my eyes and jumped up and went over to him
" Morning" I said back
" Hey Lou? Why are your eyes all watery? You to A? You guys look like you've been crying" Harry said coming over with five fish in his hands
" Oh! Um we had a" I started
" sand fight! Stupid idea I know but we were bored. Mhmmm fish looks delicious!" louis said quickly trying to change the subject
" You sure? Doesn't sound like something Alex would do but I can believe you'd do it Lou!" Niall questioned
" Oh yeah we did have a sand fight I know stupid right but anyway let's cook!" I answered very fast
" Alright, but only because I'm starved!" Niall joked
Louis looked at me and I let out a huge sigh then mouthed the words thank you
" Alex, can I talk to you?" Zayn asked
" Well I don't really have a choice" I teased
Zayn grabbed my hand and I followed behind him like a mother dragging a toddler
" I missed you" he said as he spun around to look at me
" I missed you too" I said pressing my forehead against his
His lips found there way to mine and they touched, then that turned into a romantic kiss
" What am I going to do without you?" he asked
" That's exactly what I'm asking myself Zayn" I said
I put one hand up to my cheek to see if it was still puffy from crying. But yes that's perfect it was. So that meant my cheeks were puffy and fricken red. Great. Just great.
" You sure you're okay A?" he asked
" Yeah, like we said sand fights never turn out good" I said hoping it was believable
" Alex you know I love you but I know you're lying to me" he said
Frig. Well this sucks. You know with such good acting skills you'd think I could lie. Nope.
" It's nothing you need to worry about Zayn. Okay?" I said
" Come on A really? I wanna know" he said tilting his head and giving me 'the look'
" Zayn you don't need to worry. It's over with and I'm fine. I don't want to spend my last day with you talking about it. So just drop it." I commanded
If that worked then I'm amazing.
" Fine, I'll just pull it out of Louis" he said with a sassy attitude
" Zayn! I told you that you don't need to know. Okay? Gosh. Plus Louis actually respects me so he won't ever tell! Now an we please just drop it?" I said
" Yep" he said
I could tell he was mad. Well, if he was going to be my boyfriend he should know. But I really don't want him to.
" Do you really wanna know?" I asked sounding a little on edge
" Mhmm!" Zayn said nodding his head up and down
" Fine! I had a little brother! I watched him get eaten by a shark! Okay!? Are you happy now? Because I'm sure as hell not! I had to watch Dallas get eaten by a great white when I was seven! I was all alone! Okay? There now you know! Hope that makes you feel better!" I yelled then I ran back to where the boys were sitting in a circle in the sand talking
I realized I was crying again. What the hell. I think I've cried off like nine fricken pounds just in these three days!
I ran to the guys and finally got there. I immediately went over to Louis who was shirtless and in the middle of a sentence
I sat down next to him and put my arms around his neck and just cried
" Louis....I..I.zayn made me tell him and now he's pissed off at me" I said between gasps for air
" Alex? Hang on you told him about the water thing?" He asked looking at me
I nodded my head
" Hun, he can't be mad at you for that. How could he?" he asked wiping the tears from my eyes
" Um, I'm confused what's wrong with Alex?" Harry asked
" Harry its nothing" Louis answered
" No go ahead Louis tell him! Zayn already knows so what's a few more people" I said looking at the boys with my swollen cheeks with tears down my face
" Alex had a baby brother, but when she was younger he was attacked by a shark. She had to watch it happen, and that's why she hates going in the water" Louis said awkwardly
" Alex, I'm...I'm so sorry I...I didn't mean any harm. Honest. I....I didnt know it was like that darling im sorry. Please forgive me" Harry tried to say smoothly but he was in shock
" Harry its fine really, I I just didn't want to tell Zayn because now he will treat me differently. And I hate when people do that so please I'm begging you not to" I said starting to get a grip
Liam and Niall were in total and complete shock. They just sat there. Frozen. Starring blankly.
" Liam? Niall? Are you alright?" I asked
" Yes, we're just at a loss for words. We're so sorry Alex" Liam answered for them both
" Please don't give me charity alright? " I asked
" Of course" Niall said strangely because he was just you know like blah
" I think Zayn wants to kill himself right now" Louis said pointing to Zayn
Zayn was throwing sticks and rocks into the sand. He actually even picked up a stick and started whacking himself with it
" We better go talk to him" Harry said
" Yeah" they all agreed
" Okay I'll be down by the water trying to think things through, you go ahead and make sure when you come back he doesn't hate me please" I said in a soft hurt voice
I started to walk down to the water.
When the waves licked my feet I sat down just on the edge of where the waves came up
I waited a while. Just starring out into the ocean. Wondering. Wondering what that exact shark is doing right this very minute. Is it feeling alone and terrified because it has lost someone too? I want to know the answers.
I layed down with my eyes closed and hands over my face. I tried to imagine a place I could go to escape this confusing world. This place of happiness, sadness, and hurt. But how?
I thought and thought about it.
Then I heard footsteps coming towards me. But I just layed there with my eyes closed and hands over them.
I heard whom ever was there lie down next to me.
" Who is it" I said in a 'I hate myself' tone
" A guy that loves you so much and wants to murder himself because of what he just did" I heard Zayn's British voice say
I uncovered my eyes, the opened them.
I sat up and looked at him
Just sat there starring
Finally he said " A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and I might end up together. Again"
I smiled a little because that was a lyric from my favorite song
" it's like wishing for rain while I stand in the desert. But I'm holding you closer than most because you are my heaven" I whispered
" Alex" he started
" Shh....don't Zayn" I softly sang(metaphorically of course!)
" Alex I have to. I hurt you twice within three days. I have to do this. I can't be with you. Not now. Maybe if you are single when I get back we will find eachother again but not now." he said starting to tear up
" Please Zayn. Both of those times it was my fault. I just got you. I'm not letting you go" I said
He got upand started walking down the beach
I sat there for a moment the got up. I ran towards him and got in front of him. I looked at him.
Then I kissed him. When I finally let go I whispered " I said I'm not letting you go"
" And to think usually the guy goes after the girl" he chuckled
" Well I do have the balls in this relationship." I stated
We kissed then walked back to the boys
" Let's go home" Niall said
" Agreed"
We walked up to the parking lot and saw a limo just driving in. And to think we were just about to start walking
" Thank goodness!" Liam said
" Hell yeah cause I wasn't bout to walk all the way home!" Harry laughed
When the car stopped at my house we all got out of the car
We all said our goodbyes and they gave me hugs
Then Zayn came over and said " You are mine. Forever and always. Don't forget that while I'm away. I love you"
We kissed one last time.
He got into his car rolled down his window and stuck his head out until he wa too far away for me to see
<3 the end

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