Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


7. The Hospital

" mhmm yes so your head hit the concrete floor" the doctor asked
" Yeah" Niall answered
" Well you have a mild concussion and a bruised eye nothing to serious though" the doctor said
" Oh thank goodness" I said as I exhaled
" Thank you so much Alex" Niall said hugging me
" Anytime" I said as I hugged him
" But why did you do all that for me?" he asked
" You would do it for me right?" I asked
" In a heartbeat!" he shouted
" Then that's why" I told him
He let go of me, looked into my eyes and said " You are my best friend A you have been for a long time and I love you. But you do belong with Zayn"
" Thank you Niall" I said smiling
" Okay if you two are done get out!" the doctor said jokingly
We went out the door and saw everyone in the waiting room
All the boys came running up to Niall
" I'm alive everyone!" Niall said putting his hands in the air
" Niall I'm so sorry! You know your my brother and I never meant to hurt you" Zayn said hugging Niall
" I know. And trust me it's okay because it was for Alex. Any other girl I would've punched you in the neck!" Niall said throwing a fake punch
" Yeah! Okay! So who's hungry!" Zayn said
We all raised our hands and Niall put up both of his!
" Where do you guys want to go?" Liam asked
" How about that fancy place on the corner you know with the stage for performances!" I suggested
" That's cool with us but it's like a bazillion dollars per person!" Louis said
" My treat!" I yelled
" A I can't let you pay that much for us!" Zayn said
" Fine, you can pay for you and I'll pay for the rest of the boys!" I told him
" Well fine be that way!" Zayn said
" Awesome! I will! So how about we go back to the bus and get ready!" I said with a smile
" Yeah I totally agree but there's a problem my car only has five seats" Louis said
" That's fine! I'll walk I could use the exercise anyway!" I said with a giggle
" No, no no! You can't walk alone! You know I would walk with you but skinny jeans plus walking a mile? Um no thanks!" Zayn said
" See this is why I bring sweatpants to change into after! And I'll walk with her!" Niall volentered
" No way! You have a concussion and a black eye! Niall you can't!" I reprimanded him
" A chill out I can walk! I'm going with you if you like it or not! There's no question about it!" Niall argued
" Niall you've just been punched and you just slammed you head against concrete! You aren't walking a mile!" I yelled
" Yes I am I'm leaving right now actually! So you can either join me or not!" he said walking out the hospital doors
" You guys just head to the bus I'll walk with Niall" I said to Louis as I ran after Niall

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