Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


6. The Concert!

When we got to the theater the boys were all on edge. But atleast this time I didn't get trampled when they got out of the van. So that was a plus!
After Niall and Zayn got out I was the last out of the van. As I came to the doorzayn and Niall held there hands out so I didn't fall as I jumped out
I grabbed there hands and jumped out then I said " What gentlemen! By the way what have you done with my best friend and boyfriend?"
They laughed and said " We ate them!"
I smiled
Then we started running into the theater
When the boys went back stage I ran to my seat to make sure no one had taken it. But Zayn must have put the sign on it that said ' RESERVED DO NOT SIT IN IT'
He's so cute!
Then the show started! I was so excited
They all came running out singing ' Na Na Na'
And I had the biggest smile on my face ever!

To me the concert went by all to quickly!
As soon as they finished there last song I waited about ten minutes then I ran backstage.
I was sooo excited!! I wanted to go back there grab Zayn's hand and pull him to that little room for storage and kiss him and say he was incredible!
When I saw Harry I knew Zayn must be over there too!
I ran over to Niall who was next to Harry and I whispered " Where's Zayn?"
He pointed over to his right so I casually walked over, but when I saw Zayn I stopped. Stared. And I felt tears well up.
Because when I saw Zayn he was kissing another girl!! I couldn't believe this!!
Zayn pushed the girl away and saw me. He said " Alex its not what you think!"
By now I was crying and I was running away from Zayn. As I ran by Niall and Harry they knew something was up so they followed me.
I ran outside to where we parked the van.
I sat down right in front of it and started balling even worse than before
Harry and Niall came running toward me.
" A what's wrong?" Niall asked
" Zayn...he....he..he was kissing......another....girl!" I managed to say between sobs
" So what?" Harry asked
" Harry A was dating Zayn" Niall said
" What!" Harry said in shock
" I wanted to tell you Harry but" I got cut off by Harry
" It's okay" he said putting his hand on my shoulder
" Now are you sure Zayn was kissing another girl?" Niall asked
" Yeah because Zayn wouldn't do something like that" Harry added
" Hmm well let's see I went backstage found Zayn and saw him with his lips on another girls!" I yelled
" I knew I shouldn't have went out with him!" I yelled crying into my hands
" it's okay A" Harry said as he slide over next to me
" I knew something like this would happen again!" I said crying still
" A it's not your fault" Niall said moving over next to me
" Where is that dirt bag anyway I thought he ran after me" I said
" I told Liam and Louis not to let him come after you" Niall said
" Thank you Niall" I said to him hugging him
" No problem" he said hugging me back
" Harry can you drive this thing?" I asked him
" Probably why?" he asked
" Could you drive me to the beach? I need to think" I said to him
" Yeah I just need to get the keys" he said
" okay well where are they?" Niall asked
" In our dressing room" Harry said
" Well looks like we are going to have to be spy's and sneak away!" Niall said
I started laughing
" There's that amazing laugh we love" Harry said
" Thanks you guys, you really are my best friends" I said hugging both of them
" Well lets make a plan first we have to sneak into the theater the way the fans go in of course. Then we have to climb up on the stage and sneak into the hallway with our dressing room" Harry said
" Alright then what are we waiting for?" I asked
" Let's go! Team assemble!" Niall shouted
I laughed again
" move out!" I said
Then they all laughed
We started our mission by going in the front entrance
Next we zig zagged through the seats then when we got to the row closest to the stage we had to hop over the barrier.
Then Niall and Harry got down on there knees and lifted me up to the stage then I pulled them up.
We crawled over the stage without making a sound.
Now the tricky part Niall said he would go into the dressing room first to make sure no one was in there.
Harry and I stayed in the hallway
" Niall!" I heard Zayn yell " Where is Alex I need to talk to her!"
" I don't know we tried to run after her but we lost her" I heard Niall say
" Don't give me that line! Where is she!" Zayn screamed
" Zayn I don't know!"
Then I heard someone punch someone or something
I looked over at Harry and mouthed the words 'someone is hurt! We need to go in'
Harry agreed
I heard Louis yell " Zayn! What's the matter with you!"
I ran into the room and saw Niall on the ground with his eyes shut
" Oh my! What happened!" I asked Louis as Harry and I knelt on the ground next to Niall
" Zayn punched Niall in the eye and he fell to the ground" Liam said as he knelt down too
" I....I......I didn't.... Oh I'm so sorry.... I.. I don't know what came over me!" Zayn said
" Hush Zayn I think you've done enough!" I yelled at him
" Niall are you okay please Niall say something! Anything!" I pleaded
He groaned
Liam and I braced his head as we all helped to sit him up
" Niall are you alright" Harry asked
" My eye hurts" Niall said then groaned again
" I'll get some ice" I said running to the freezer
Zayn stood in the way
" Zayn this isn't about you right now you just hurt Niall! Can you please move!" I said to him
" Alex I wasn't kissing her!" he said
" I will deal with that later right now you need to move so Niall isn't in anymore pain!" I yelled at him
Then I shoved him out of the way
I grabbed the first ice pack I saw then I wrapped it in a paper towel and ran back over to Niall
When I went back over his eye that wasn't black and blue was open
" Here Niall put this on your eye" I said as I handed him the ice
Then we got him up
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